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Yuki Tsunoda Thrilled by Unexpected Fan Support in Japan Ahead of Suzuka GP

In a surprising turn of events, F1 star Yuki Tsunoda has expressed his astonishment at the level of support from Japanese fans, with Suzuka being his favorite track. His statements underscore a growing interest in Formula 1 within Japan, a revelation that came to light ahead of the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix.

Key Takeaways

  • Yuki Tsunoda describes Suzuka as his favorite track, praising its layout and the exhilarating experience it offers. He is eager to experience “pure kind of performance” during the race.
  • The AlphaTauri driver was taken aback by the amount of support he received from fans, stating that it is “hard to know” exactly how many people in Japan are interested in Formula 1.
  • Tsunoda participated in promotional activities in Tokyo days before the race and felt a warm welcome from the local fans, reinforcing his surprise at the level of local interest in the sport.

As the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix approaches, Yuki Tsunoda, one of the most promising drivers on the F1 circuit, is riding a wave of local support, something he did not see coming. Despite a recent string of DNFs (Did Not Finish), Tsunoda’s enthusiasm remains unshaken, particularly for Suzuka, his favorite track.

Speaking about Suzuka, Tsunoda said, “Yeah, first of all, the track layout is amazing. It’s my favorite track.” He further elaborated on the thrill of navigating the first sector and the last chicane, citing these portions of the track as epitomes of the “pure kind of performance” in Formula 1, especially in terms of aerodynamics and downforce.

However, Tsunoda’s real surprise came from the level of support he received in Japan. “You know, like it’s really far away, normally, from Japan, to feel any kind of support exactly. You know, I didn’t expect… It’s always a surprise the amount of people supporting Formula 1, because, to be honest, it’s hard to know exactly the amount of people watching Formula 1 from Japan but yeah, even yesterday, even to two days before I went to Tokyo and did a couple of promotions and stuff,” he stated.

This revelation came to him during promotional activities in Tokyo, where he saw “lots of Formula 1 fans” and received a “really warm welcome” from them. This experience shed light on the Japanese audience’s growing interest in Formula 1, something Tsunoda had underestimated.

As Tsunoda prepares for the Suzuka GP, he not only faces the challenge of the track but also the responsibility of living up to the unexpected adoration of his local fans. Additionally, he is under pressure to maintain his seat against rookie and reserve driver Liam Lawson, who has been quickly gaining recognition after just three races with AlphaTauri. The upcoming race is not just a test of skill for Tsunoda but also a moment of national pride and personal realization.

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