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Alain Prost’s Legendary Drive: Revisiting the 1991 Ferrari at the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival

The Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival recently concluded, marking an extraordinary moment with Alain Prost’s reunion with his iconic 1991 Ferrari. This event blended racing nostalgia with modern excitement, captivating fans and racing enthusiasts alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alain Prost’s Memorable Reunion with Classic Racing: The event was illuminated by the presence of Alain Prost, especially his reunion with the iconic 1991 Ferrari 643. This rare moment offered fans a unique glimpse into the past, rekindling memories of Prost’s remarkable achievements in Formula 1.
  • Diverse Collection of Historic Racing Machines: The Dubai GP Revival showcased an array of cars from different eras, including ’70s and ’90s F1 cars, and ’80s and ’00s GT legends. The participation of drivers like Jean-Éric Vergne, Andre Lotterer, and Sophia Flörsch alongside Prost created a bridge between different generations of motor racing.
  • Growing Popularity and a Vibrant Festival Atmosphere: With over 16,000 attendees and a 70s theme, the event’s festival-like atmosphere was palpable. The growing interest in historic motor racing, particularly highlighted by Alain Prost’s presence, was a focal point, underscoring the event’s success.

The Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival’s third edition was a homage to the golden years of motor racing. The event’s spotlight was undoubtedly on Alain Prost, whose participation brought an air of nostalgia and reverence. His drive in the 1991 Ferrari 643 was a highlight for many, bringing back memories of an era when Prost dominated the F1 tracks.

Jean-Éric Vergne, reflecting on the event, said:

“I’m very happy to have been part of the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. It’s a fantastic event with a lovely environment and amazing cars. Seeing legends like [Alain] Prost back in their element is inspiring. I’ve heard it gets bigger and bigger each time, so I expect to come again for all the coming years.”

Andre Lotterer also shared his thoughts:

“It’s really great what the [event] team is doing here. Being back in the same team as Jean-Eric and sharing the track with legends like Prost is incredible. We were only teammates for two years in Formula E, but now we can enjoy moments like this, celebrating the past.”

The event also introduced the Le Mans ’60s sunset endurance race, won by Kyle Tilley and Nicolas Manassian in a 1965 Ford GT40, adding a spectacular dimension to the racing. Aside from the adrenaline of racing, the Dubai Classics category and a 70s-themed paddock area enriched the event’s appeal.

Frédéric Fatien, Founder of GP Extreme, encapsulated the event’s spirit, emphasising its growth:

“With more races, more drivers, and an even greater selection of cars from across the years, this staging of the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival has been the biggest and best event to date. The presence of legends like Alain Prost not only honors our past but also inspires our future in classic motor racing.”

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