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Rare Chris Rea-Owned 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Goes Under the Hammer, Showcasing F1 Technology

A 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, previously owned by musician Chris Rea and famed for its Formula One inspired technology, is set to be auctioned by Bell Sport & Classic. This exceptional car, celebrating nearly 30 years, is noted for its Blu Scuro Micalizzato finish and F1-derived features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Formula One Technology: The Ferrari F355 Berlinetta showcases advanced technology inspired by Ferrari’s Formula One program. This includes its high-performance flat-plane crank V8 engine, mirroring the precision and power found in F1 cars.
  • Outstanding Performance: Embodying the spirit of Formula One, the F355 features a powerful engine capable of reaching 62mph in just 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of 184mph, demonstrating its racing pedigree.
  • Superior Handling and Design: With a chassis incorporating double wishbone suspension and electronically adjustable dampers, the F355 is a testament to Ferrari’s F1 engineering, offering exceptional handling and a design that echoes the aesthetics of a race car.

Bell Sport & Classic has recently announced the auction of a unique 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, which once belonged to renowned musician Chris Rea. This car is not just a masterpiece of engineering; it is a blend of high-octane performance and luxurious aesthetics. Its Blu Scuro Micalizzato finish, rare for this model, adds to its exclusivity and appeal.

Tim Kearns, Managing Director of Bell Sport & Classic, expressed his enthusiasm about the car’s unique attributes. “We’re proud to offer this ultra-desirable Ferrari F355, a model that combines our F1 expertise with road car functionality,” Kearns stated. He further highlighted its appeal as a collector’s item, particularly for enthusiasts drawn to the amalgamation of Formula One technology and the opulence of sports cars.

The F355 Berlinetta was first introduced at the 1994 Geneva International Motor Show and marked a significant evolution from its predecessor, the 348. It’s a perfect example of how Ferrari has incorporated its F1 knowledge, especially in the engine and suspension systems, into its road cars. The F355’s exhilarating performance is a direct result of this F1-inspired technology, providing a driving experience comparable to that of a race car.

With just 25,500 miles on the odometer, this F355 Berlinetta has been meticulously maintained and restored by Bell Sport & Classic. It’s presented in its original Ferrari factory color, complemented by a well-preserved cream leather interior. This car is not just a vehicle; it’s a piece of Ferrari’s rich history, where the lines between road cars and Formula One blur, offering a unique blend of speed, luxury, and history.

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