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Alfa Romeo Ends F1 Journey with Emotional Farewell at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo has officially announced its departure from Formula 1, concluding a notable six-year partnership with Sauber Motorsport. This decision, marked by a poignant statement, signals the end of an era in the sport, particularly for the iconic Alfa Romeo brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • End of an Era: Alfa Romeo’s exit from Formula 1, announced before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, marks the end of their recent six-year partnership with Sauber Motorsport. This collaboration, reignited in 2018 after a 30-year hiatus, is described as both “fruitful and passionate,” emphasizing the significant impact of their return to the sport.
  • Acknowledging Contributions: The Alfa Romeo statement pays homage to the late Sergio Marchionne, who played a pivotal role in establishing the 2018 partnership. It also acknowledges the drivers, Sauber Team, co-owner Finn Rausing, and key team leaders for their contributions throughout this journey.
  • Reflecting on Success: Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, reflects on the positive outcomes of their F1 venture, including international visibility and profound human and sporting experiences. He also alludes to a potential future return of Alfa Romeo to motorsports under favorable conditions.

The recent phase of Alfa Romeo’s involvement in Formula 1, rekindled in 2018 with Sauber Motorsport, has been marked by commitment and fervor. Although this period did not yield substantial competitive success, it was significant for the brand’s visibility and the enriching experiences it offered.

In their heartfelt statement, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said, “When you close such an important chapter in the history of a brand, it’s time to take stock. For Alfa Romeo, this F1 adventure represented an international showcase at the highest level, as well as a profound human and sporting experience. In my humble opinion, the return on investment from the work we have done here has been the most positive in my entire career. The benefits in terms of visibility serve as a benchmark for the entire Stellantis group. Alfa Romeo has competition in its DNA and will return to thrill its fans as soon as possible, when the conditions are right.”

To honor their history in the sport, Alfa Romeo will feature a special livery on their C43 car for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This livery will showcase the number six, commemorating their six-year journey with Sauber, and the phrase “Alfa Romeo nei nostri cuori,” translating to “Alfa Romeo always in our hearts.” This gesture is expected to be integrated with their existing Vegas special livery.

Alfa Romeo’s legacy in Formula 1, from their early championship victories with Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio to their roles as both an engine supplier and constructor, has been remarkable. Their departure signifies more than just the conclusion of a partnership; it represents the closure of a significant chapter in Formula 1 history, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

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