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Alonso Emerges as Verstappen’s Equal in F1: Fittipaldi’s Insight Reveals Potential Rivalry

In a season marked by Max Verstappen’s historic 19 race wins and third world championship, Emerson Fittipaldi recognized Fernando Alonso as a potential equal. Fittipaldi, a respected figure in motorsport, sees Alonso as “definitely just as fast” in the right conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen’s Unprecedented Success: Max Verstappen achieved an unparalleled feat in the 2023 Formula 1 season, winning 19 races and securing his third world championship.
  • Fittipaldi’s Insight: Emerson Fittipaldi, a revered figure in motorsport, acknowledged Verstappen’s exceptional performance but also identified Fernando Alonso as a driver equally capable of competing at Verstappen’s level if given a chance in a Red Bull.
  • Alonso’s Impressive Year: Fernando Alonso, with his new team Aston Martin, achieved six podiums in the first eight races and finished the season with eight podium finishes overall, securing fourth in the world championship standings.

Max Verstappen’s 2023 Formula 1 season was a monumental achievement in the sport’s history. The Dutch driver, at the peak of his abilities, secured an astonishing 19 victories. His dominant performance was reminiscent of Lewis Hamilton’s era at Mercedes. Emerson Fittipaldi, speaking with El Mundo Deportivo, drew parallels between Verstappen’s current form and Hamilton’s previous dominance.

“He [Verstappen] is experiencing a top stage in his career, with a very good team and a very good car,” said Fittipaldi. “He is performing like Hamilton dominated for a few years at Mercedes. He gets the best out of it. He as a driver, the team and the car are a very competitive combination, and they are at their best.”

However, Fittipaldi also spotlighted another contender in the Formula 1 arena. When probed about whether Verstappen was superior to Alonso or Hamilton, he stated, “He is very fast, but if you put Alonso in a Red Bull, he is definitely just as fast.”

Fernando Alonso’s 2023 journey with Aston Martin was impressive. Though he didn’t match Verstappen’s RB19 achievements, his consistent performances, including six podiums in the first eight races, underscored his racing prowess. Alonso concluded the season with eight podiums, clinching fourth in the world championship.

Alonso demonstrated his adaptability and skill throughout the season, overcoming various challenges, including starting from the back of the grid to secure podium finishes. His performance in the AMR23, especially when the car was less competitive, was noteworthy.

While Verstappen’s 2023 season was a testament to his dominance, Alonso’s achievements, as highlighted by Fittipaldi, indicate that with equal machinery, the Dutch champion might face a formidable adversary in the Spaniard. Alonso’s skills and determination position him as a potential equal to Verstappen, paving the way for a thrilling rivalry in the sport.

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