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AlphaTauri’s Evolving Identity Amidst Red Bull Partnership Shift

Exploring the Transformative Changes and Denials in AlphaTauri's F1 Journey

As a part of AlphaTauri’s management shuffle, sister team Red Bull seems to be bringing it closer, thus transforming AlphaTauri’s avatar through a new management and name. However, the team has denied talks of running a RB19 clone next year despite the closer ties with the Milton-Keynes outfit.

The shift in AlphaTauri’s identity would also witness the hiring of more aero staff at the new facility in the UK that is in the pipeline. In addition, the team can also borrow parts from Red Bull.

Given the closer ties, it allowed some to assume that the team could run a clone RB19 customer car. However, AlphaTauri technical director Jody Egginton has denied the idea by saying that the sister team would continue to borrow parts in the same way as it used to do before. He told

“Since we started synergy in 2019, the parts we’ve selected off the menu have been different, and for next year will be slightly different again.

“Relative to this year, a bit more. Relative to a couple of the previous years, probably about the same

“At the end of the day, there’s a notional value consideration for customer teams. So, when you start purchasing parts from supplying teams, you’ve got to keep an eye on the budget. But we’ll maximise what’s available to us as we try to do as much as we can.”

In addition, Egginton highlighted that the way the press portrayed the matter has changed the narrative but in reality, the exchange with AlphaTauri would not be dramatically different from that in the past. He added:

“I’ve read on occasions how it is communicated through the press, but the bottom line is, there are three sets of regulations, sporting, technical, and financial. [Red Bull] headquarters are saying maximise what you can do. 

“It has become a bit more public lately, for various reasons, and we’re encouraged to look at everything and explore every area. But there’ll be some things that we can’t take.

“It has become a bit more of a thing. We’re less competitive, so people are saying, you’re not quick enough, what are you doing?

“In 2020 and 2021, when the car was competitive, it wasn’t really talked about. We took some Red Bull bits, so be it.

“So yeah, we’re being encouraged. But it’s not really a case of control. But it’s good to know that the guys in headquarters have got our back and are encouraging both teams to really maximise what they can do under the regulations.”

Egginton also revealed that the chassis on the AlphaTauri car next year would be a lot different and that the team has set a direction for itself that it would follow. He said:

“At the end of the day, our aerodynamic concept, although we haven’t got the highest performing car on the grid, it’s not standout different to anybody else.

“We know which way we want to go. And also, there’s some optimisation and other things, but primarily we’re aero-driven.

“So, the chassis will be substantially different. But in terms of concept change, we know which way we’re going. We’re reasonably aligned with what direction other teams are going as well. We’ve just got to be more successful in achieving those objectives.”

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