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Aston Martin’s Abu Dhabi GP Strategy: Going Full Throttle in McLaren Showdown

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack disclosed the team’s strategy for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix amid their intense competition with McLaren. Krack emphasized the necessity of a strong performance, stating that the team’s focus is solely on achieving the best possible result.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on Performance, Not Position: Aston Martin is not concentrating on reclaiming the fourth spot in the Constructors’ Championship from McLaren. Instead, their approach for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is to ‘go flat out’ and secure the best possible result, as stated by Mike Krack.
  • Complexity of the Cars Acknowledged: Krack downplayed the notion that the team is completely back on track. He mentioned the complexity of the cars and the ongoing learning process, highlighting that they are not yet on top of everything despite recent improvements.
  • Stroll’s Rising Confidence: Lance Stroll’s performance, particularly in the Las Vegas race, was a highlight. His progress from P19 to P5 was partly attributed to a good understanding of the tyres and strategy, coupled with a growing confidence that is positively influencing his results.

Aston Martin’s strategy for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is clear: they are going full throttle. Team principal Mike Krack, in a conversation with, revealed this game plan, stressing that their primary objective is to maximize their performance, rather than focusing on regaining the fourth spot in the Constructors’ Championship from McLaren Racing.

This change in focus comes after Aston Martin, also known as the Silverstone outfit, lost its fourth position to the Papaya team following the United States Grand Prix. The gap between the two teams has narrowed down to a mere 11 points, thanks to the commendable performances of Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, who secured P5 and P8 respectively in Las Vegas.

Krack’s strategy revolves around having a fast car in Abu Dhabi, as they are currently trailing behind. His philosophy is straightforward: “We have to go flat out, and then we see. We have to do the best possible, and then we see what is the result.” This approach indicates a shift from defense to offense in the team’s tactics.

The team principal also addressed the complexity of the current F1 cars and the learning curve the team has faced throughout the season. He modestly acknowledged that despite their recent progress, claiming to have completely mastered the car’s complexities would be arrogant. This humility suggests a realistic and grounded approach to the team’s development.

Lastly, Krack shed light on Lance Stroll’s impressive performance, especially in the race in Las Vegas where he managed an exceptional recovery from P19 to P5. This success was attributed to a well-executed tyre strategy and a bit of luck. Krack highlighted Stroll’s growing confidence, which has been crucial in achieving better results.

In summary, as the F1 season heads towards its climax at the Yas Marina circuit, Aston Martin is gearing up with a clear, aggressive strategy, focusing purely on performance to outdo their rivals. This approach, coupled with an understanding of the cars’ complexities and Stroll’s rising confidence, sets the stage for an exhilarating season finale.

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