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Carlos Sainz Drops Bombshell: Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Move Initiated by Hamilton Himself

In a surprising turn of events, Carlos Sainz has hinted at a significant detail regarding Lewis Hamilton’s anticipated move to Ferrari, suggesting that it was Hamilton himself who took the initiative.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carlos Sainz suggests Lewis Hamilton approached Ferrari for a driving opportunity.
  • Hamilton’s move to Ferrari confirms Sainz’s exit from the team after the 2024 season.
  • Sainz reflects positively on his tenure with Ferrari and looks forward to a competitive final year with the Maranello-based squad.

Carlos Sainz’s recent comments have added a layer of intrigue to the 2025 season’s anticipation. At the unveiling of Ferrari’s latest contender, the SF-24, Sainz hinted at an unusual turn of events involving Lewis Hamilton. According to Sainz, it was Hamilton who made the initial contact with Ferrari, a move that has seemingly set the stage for a significant shift in the team’s lineup.

Sainz commented:

“I think it is clear that when a seven-time world champion knocks on the door of a team like Ferrari, there will be interest and it is possible that the contract will eventually be confirmed.

“In the end, I will be replaced by a seven-time world champion at Ferrari. I don’t see that as a tragedy. I am happy, especially with the three years I spent at Ferrari. I think they have been three positive years.

“There is still a fourth and final, and therefore perhaps the most important year ahead, in which I want to continue to get good results with a clear conscience and a clear head.

“To have a good year with Ferrari, to win races, and hopefully to have the potential to fight for the world championship.”

The British driver’s shocking announcement of his move to Ferrari in 2025 has set off the 2024 silly season with Sainz currently out of a seat and Mercedes looking to fill Hamilton’s void alongside George Russell.

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