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Carlos Sainz’s Unexpected Absence at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Media Day Explained by Ferrari

Carlos Sainz’s sudden withdrawal from media activities during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been clarified by Ferrari due to illness. This announcement comes amid heightened speculation regarding Sainz’s future with the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Illness-Induced Absence: Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz was notably absent from the media duties at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, an absence attributed to illness. This comes at a critical juncture, as his contract is set to expire after the 2024 season, stirring speculation about his future in Formula 1.
  • Previous Performance and Future Prospects: The absence of Sainz, who secured a commendable third place in Bahrain, raises questions about Ferrari’s readiness for the Saudi Arabian GP. His potential departure in 2025, with Lewis Hamilton speculated to fill his seat, marks a significant shift in the team dynamics.
  • McLaren’s Anticipated Success: With a focus on the high-speed prowess of McLaren, Sainz highlighted the potential for a strong performance by the McLaren team at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, considering their impressive showing in similar conditions last year.

As the Formula 1 community converges on Saudi Arabia for the upcoming race, the news of Carlos Sainz’s retreat to his hotel due to illness came as a surprise. Ferrari’s brief statement shed light on the situation: “Carlos is not feeling well and has gone back to the hotel.”

This season is pivotal for Sainz, who earlier expressed intentions of using 2024 as a proving ground in light of his expiring contract with Ferrari. With Lewis Hamilton slated to replace him post-2024, the driver market is abuzz with rumors of Sainz’s negotiations with teams like Red Bull, Mercedes, and the future Audi-backed Sauber team.

Sainz’s recent comments on the Saudi Arabian GP emphasized the competitive edge of McLaren on high-speed circuits, reflecting last year’s performances. He elaborated, “Let’s see the differences first… I expect the cars like the McLaren, last year they were very good in high-speed circuits, to be competitive there but you know our car has also improved in the high speed so hopefully we can be also stronger.”

Sainz’s illness and consequent media absence cast a shadow on the pre-race proceedings, highlighting the unpredictable nature of Formula 1. As teams and drivers prepare for the intense competition at Jeddah, the focus shifts to the on-track performances and the evolving dynamics of the driver market as the 2024 season progresses.

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