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Charles Leclerc’s Disappointment at Abu Dhabi GP: A Frustrating Finale to the F1 Season

Charles Leclerc’s frustration reached a new peak at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after being denied a celebratory burnout, despite finishing in a commendable second place. The incident highlighted the intensity of emotions in Formula 1, especially in the season’s final race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leclerc’s Denied Burnout Request: After finishing second in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc’s request to perform a burnout was bluntly denied by his race engineer, leading to an audibly frustrated response from the Ferrari driver. This incident was a stark contrast to Max Verstappen’s victorious celebration with multiple donuts.
  • Ferrari’s Performance and Strategy: Despite Leclerc’s strong finish, Ferrari missed out on the runner-up spot in the Constructors’ Championship by a narrow three-point margin. Team principal Fred Vasseur suggested that Leclerc could have been more aggressive in his approach, particularly against George Russell of Mercedes.
  • Fuel Level Concerns: The reason behind denying Leclerc’s burnout request was later clarified by the team as a precaution against low fuel levels, which could have affected post-race checks. This decision reflects the technical and strategic complexities inherent in Formula 1.

The conclusion of the 2023 Formula 1 season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was marked not only by Max Verstappen’s record-breaking 19th win but also by Charles Leclerc’s evident frustration. Starting from the front row, Leclerc aimed to secure a win and elevate Ferrari’s season tally after teammate Carlos Sainz’s victory in Singapore. However, the race concluded with Leclerc maintaining his starting position at P2, behind the dominant Verstappen.

In a poignant moment caught over the team radio, the exchange between Leclerc and his race engineer, Xavier Marcos Padros (Xavi), encapsulated his disappointment. When Leclerc requested to perform burnouts, akin to Verstappen’s celebratory donuts, he was curtly denied, leading to his exasperated response, “Arghhhh, not even this for f**k sake.”

This incident not only showcased Leclerc’s competitive spirit but also underlined the strict operational protocols within teams. The team’s concern over fuel levels, essential for post-race checks, ultimately overruled the driver’s desire for a celebratory gesture.

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s overall performance in the championship took another hit. Despite Leclerc’s solid performance throughout the season, the team finished third in the Constructors’ Championship. George Russell’s podium finish ensured Mercedes edged ahead of Ferrari, a result that might prompt introspection within the Ferrari camp.

Reflecting on the season and Leclerc’s performance, Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur remarked to Sky F1, “Yeah, it was Charles, could have been a bit more aggressive and to try to slow down Russell. But on the other end, I think for the team, it’s also important to finish on a positive tone. Charles P2 in the race and to finish like this, I think it’s a first good step for next year.”

As the Formula 1 world turns its gaze to the next season, the incidents and outcomes of the Abu Dhabi GP will undoubtedly fuel the strategies and ambitions of teams and drivers alike. For Charles Leclerc and Ferrari, it’s a mix of frustration and hope as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

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