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F1 Drivers Verstappen and Leclerc Advocate for Enhanced Yas Marina Circuit Design

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have proposed modifications to the Yas Marina circuit, emphasizing the need for banked turns to improve racing dynamics. Their suggestions focus on altering off-camber corners to enhance overtaking opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proposed Circuit Changes: Verstappen and Leclerc suggest banking the off-camber corners, particularly around Turns 12 to 16 and 7 to 8, to improve racing conditions. The current design limits side-by-side racing and poses traction challenges.
  • Verstappen’s Perspective: After securing pole position, Verstappen highlighted the need to transform off-camber corners into banked ones, particularly around the hotel area and at Turn 7, to facilitate better racing and traction.
  • Leclerc’s Agreement: While appreciating the technical aspects of the track, Leclerc concurs with Verstappen’s suggestions. He believes that banking the corners would not only make racing more competitive but also enhance overtaking opportunities.

In a recent discussion about potential improvements to the Yas Marina circuit, championship winner Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc have brought to light the need for changes in the track’s design, specifically targeting the off-camber corners. This suggestion comes as both drivers seek to elevate the quality of racing at this renowned venue.

The Yas Marina circuit, known for its distinctive layout, features off-camber corners, notably from Turns 12 to 16. This design element, where the apex is elevated compared to the outside, has often been a limiting factor in side-by-side racing due to a defined racing line. The drivers believe that modifying these sections to banked corners could significantly enhance the racing experience.

Verstappen, who recently clinched the pole position, elaborated on his vision for the circuit. In his statement, he expressed a general fondness for the Yas Marina circuit, citing the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant conditions. However, he pinpointed the off-camber corners as a drawback, stating, “I think the only thing I would like to change is just the off-camber corners, I think that doesn’t really help the racing. More banked corners would help. So around the hotel, they need to bank that instead of off-camber. And at Turn 7, that little crest, it always throws you off a little bit and especially when you’re behind, you just lose a lot of traction. So, that corner also: just bank it a bit, that would help.”

Leclerc, aligning with Verstappen’s views, also acknowledged the track’s technical demands, particularly in the last sector. He pointed out the challenges of getting it right in qualifying due to the fine margins involved. Leclerc agreed with the need for banking the corners to facilitate better racing, remarking, “[Banking the corners] will definitely help racing; it’s a track where there’s already quite a lot of overtaking opportunities, but definitely that will make it even better.”

These statements from two of Formula 1’s prominent drivers underscore the ongoing efforts to continually refine and enhance the sport’s competitive aspects. The proposed changes to the Yas Marina circuit, if implemented, could lead to more dynamic and engaging races, benefiting both drivers and spectators alike.

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