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F1 Academy Champion Marta Garcia Lands Huge Next Career Move

Marta Garcia, the winner of the F1 Academy series, has escalated her career in motorsports by securing a fully-funded seat in the Formula Regional European Championship with Prema Racing for the upcoming season. This move symbolizes a significant advancement following her success in the all-female F1 Academy series.

Key Takeaways:

  • Career Advancement: Marta Garcia, the champion of the F1 Academy series, is progressing to the Formula Regional European Championship (FRECA) with Prema Racing, marking a notable step up in her racing career.
  • Collaborative Funding: The 23-year-old Spanish driver’s participation is funded by Pirelli, the F1 Academy, Tatuus, and Prema Racing, showcasing strong industry support.
  • Pioneering for Women in Motorsports: Garcia’s move to FRECA is a critical milestone in women’s motorsports, providing a platform for female drivers to compete at higher levels alongside male counterparts.

Marta Garcia, at 23, has made a remarkable leap in her motorsport career by clinching a coveted spot with Prema Racing in the Formula Regional European Championship (FRECA). Following her impressive performance in the F1 Academy series, this step represents a significant breakthrough, pitting her against both male and female rising stars in the European circuit, a level just below Formula Three.

The funding for Garcia’s career move is a testament to her potential and the support for female drivers in the industry. This collaboration includes the backing of tyre giant Pirelli, the F1 Academy, Tatuus – the car manufacturer, and Prema Racing, further cementing the significance of her progression.

Susie Wolff, managing director of F1 Academy, expressed the importance of this moment: “F1 Academy is all about progression and creating more opportunities for young women across motorsport, so to offer a fully funded seat in FRECA for our inaugural champion is a significant moment.”

Prema Racing, based in Italy, is renowned for nurturing talents who later shine in higher echelons of motorsport. They are current champions in FRECA and have a storied history in both Formula Three and Formula Two. The team has been instrumental in the careers of several F1 stars, including Charles Leclerc, Oscar Piastri, and Mick Schumacher.

The significance of Garcia’s progression cannot be overstated, especially considering the long absence of women in Formula One races since Lella Lombardi’s last appearance in 1976. Garcia’s move into FRECA is a beacon of change and hope for increased female participation at the highest levels of motorsport.

Looking ahead, the F1 Academy is gearing up to support seven grands prix in the upcoming season across three continents. The season is set to commence in Saudi Arabia and conclude in Abu Dhabi, providing a global stage for these rising stars to showcase their talent and ambition. Marta Garcia’s journey in this landscape is not just a personal achievement but a landmark for women in the racing world, symbolizing the breaking of barriers and the forging of new paths in the traditionally male-dominated sport of motorsport.

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