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F1 News: Alpine Stands Firm On Andretti Rumours

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the future of the Alpine team, especially after key departures and recent controversies. With Andretti, in partnership with General Motors, poised to enter the F1 grid as Andretti Cadillac, they face opposition. Amidst this, Red Bull’s consultant, Helmut Marko, suggests a novel solution. He believes Andretti should acquire the Alpine team, stating:

“Andretti should buy the Alpine team. That would be best served for everyone. Formula 1 would keep its ten teams, Andretti could finally get in and Renault would still be involved.”

– Alpine F1 Media

Such an acquisition would ensure the grid’s integrity, enable Andretti’s entry, and retain Renault’s involvement. However, contrary to these discussions, Alpine Motorsport’s Vice President, Bruno Famin, remains steadfast. Rebuffing the idea of a sale, Famin emphasizes the broader vision Alpine holds within F1. He passionately elaborates:

“We have a fascinating project with Alpine. The real project is developing the Alpine, supported by the Alpine F1 team, the endurance project, so we are totally focused on that one. It’s really part of the Alpine project. The more successful we will be in Formula 1, the better it will be for the brand, for sure. As it has always been, with all my experience in motorsport, the story is the same, to justify a motorsport programme you need to explain to the big boss that it’s the equivalent to advertising. The difference with Alpine is that Alpine has the sport in its heart, it’s more natural, and it’s really the challenge of developing the brand directly, and it’s really the strategy of the brand to develop it through motorsport.”

In light of Famin’s commitment to Alpine’s direction, eyes are now on Liberty Media and the FIA’s decision concerning the introduction of new teams to F1.

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