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F1 News: Christian Horner On Investigation – “Hope Concluded In Near Future”

Christian Horner, amidst an ongoing investigation, expresses confidence and maintains his innocence.

Red Bull Racing’s principal, Christian Horner, recently addressed the media regarding the ongoing probe into allegations against him. Despite the scrutiny, Horner remained focused, expressing a desire for a swift resolution while affirming his dedication to the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christian Horner denies allegations amidst an ongoing investigation, continuing his duties as usual.
  • Horner expresses confidence in the investigative process, hoping for a prompt resolution.
  • The Red Bull team principal emphasizes his dedication and commitment to the team and its members.

At the recent unveiling of the Red Bull RB20, Team Principal Christian Horner faced the media with a composed stance amidst an ongoing investigation concerning allegations against him. Speaking to Craig Slater of Sky Sports F1, Horner reassured fans and the F1 community that it was “business as usual” for him, underlining his commitment to both his role and the team’s ongoing projects.

“No. It’s business as usual,” Horner firmly stated, addressing questions about his attendance at the launch despite the ongoing investigation.

“There obviously is a process.

“Obviously, I fully deny any accusations that have been made against me but of course I’ll work with that process, which I hope is concluded in the near future.”

When probed about his decision to partake in the launch despite the allegations during a separate media event, Horner’s response was clear and unwavering.

“I’ve denied the allegations. For me, it’s business as normal. I’m confident in that.

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

“I have built this team, I’ve convinced people to come here and work here, I enjoy working with the team and with the people.

“The biggest asset of this team is the people and that continues to be the case.”

As the investigation progresses, Horner’s steadfast approach provides assurance to Red Bull Racing’s supporters. With hopes for a swift conclusion, the team can remain focused on their preparations for the upcoming F1 season, under the leadership of their dedicated principal.

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