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F1 News: George Russell Branded ‘Pansy’ After Booing Incident

There’s recently been lots of discussion of the booing of F1 drivers, with the focus being on the rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. But while the Mercedes and Red Bull drivers are obviously in the limelight, other drivers have been feeling the pressure also.

Hamilton teammate George Russell recently talked about a moment at the Canadian Grand Prix where he was randomly booed by a fan. He was annoyed at what happened, but in the Door Bumper Clear podcast, TJ Majors disagreed with the annoyance at this.

2022 British Grand Prix 2022, Sunday – LAT Images

He said:

“You’re going to go into a bunch of different countries with a bunch of different cultures. Some fans are going to offer you grace and some fans are not.

“I saw Matthew Dillner, he sent out a tweet this week. He said, ‘if you buy a ticket, you buy the right to boo’.

“If you’re a professional race car driver at an elite series like F1, I don’t know how you can make it that far if this bothers you. To me, you’re somewhat of a pansy.”

Majors continued, adding that it was normal for fans to boo drivers such as Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin. Interestingly, he also said that he believes that Russell showing his annoyance to booing will just push fans to do it more, admitting that fans are like little child bullies. And just like bullies, they should simply be ignored.

2022 British Grand Prix 2022, Saturday – LAT Images

He said:

“They [Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin] don’t really have a choice. If this guy wants to race, hell, I’ll let him walk with Bubba for driver intros. He can have some real problems, he can walk out with Denny at Martinsville. It took one race at Martinsville and it went from Denny getting cheered to Denny getting booed by his own people.”

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