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F1 News: Haas Chief Tastes FIA Fury Over His Scathing Stewards Comments

The motorsports world found its spotlight aimed at Guenther Steiner, following his inflammatory remarks about race stewards. These comments didn’t go unnoticed by the FIA, which led to a stern reprimand against the Haas Chief.

The event that sparked this controversy dates back to a press briefing earlier this weekend. Steiner voiced his discontent, raising eyebrows with his comments: “It’s like, F1 is one of the biggest sports in the world, and we still have laymens, deciding on the fate of people who invest millions in their careers,” he said. These words caught the attention of the FIA, which deemed the tone and choice of language as potentially offensive.

In response to the rebuke, Steiner issued a formal statement through Haas to extend his apologies to the stewards. He endeavoured to clarify the origin of his frustration and disagreement, especially regarding the weekend in Monaco.

“The stewards then told me that they have no problem with people disagreeing with decisions, but that my statements could be misinterpreted. I told them I apologized if my comments were misunderstood or they came across as hurtful. I hereby apologize again here,” Steiner relayed his conversation with the stewards.

This incident stirred a fair share of outrage among fans. Nevertheless, it appears that the controversy hasn’t caused significant turbulence for the American-owned team or its Italian chief.

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