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F1 News: Lando Norris Questions Latest Drive To Survive Series – “Definitely Not Correct”

It’s safe to say fans weren’t quite as easy going with Series 4 of Drive to Survive compared to previous series of the show. Many complained about the show not accurately reflecting what actually happened during the 2021 F1 season, and even drivers such as Max Verstappen have refused to be in it after they believe they’ve been misrepresented during the show.

Now, McLaren’s Lando Norris has shown his own worry about Drive to Survive’s editing and how the relationships between himself and other drivers have been shown.

Last year, Norris was asked about his views on Verstappen’s reluctance in offering any interviews to the Netflix show, in which he answered that he was “fine with it”, admitting, “I think they do a good job”. But with the latest series of the show being released to negative reviews, Norris seems to be changing his mind on it.

One of the show’s episodes focusses specifically on the McLaren team and the relationship between Norris and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. The relationship between the two was shown as being put under stress as Ricciardo struggled with his car as Lando exceeded expectations. But this was far from the truth.

“I watched episodes one and two.

“I won’t spoil it as it’s the first proper introduction to Daniel, myself and us at McLaren. I think it’s good, gives you good insight.

“From my side it looks good, maybe not so much from the other side (Ricciardo’s) but there are obviously some comments here and there that may be out of place.

“When you are the person it’s about, you don’t agree with it so much because it can make you look like you said something at a time and place which is definitely not correct.”

He goes into more detail about the inaccuracies he’s commenting on:

“There’s a bit of me and Daniel going side by side in turn one when we are not even close and I claim he pushes me off, which is from a completely different race.

“There are things which may be a bit too much like that and I don’t agree too much with it. But on the whole, I think it’s just exciting and good for everyone.

“As long as they don’t overdo it and literally make someone look like they have done something they definitely haven’t, I think that’s too far. As long as they don’t do that, it’s good.”

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