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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Contract Will Be Quick And Easy For Toto Wolff

Fans of Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton have been eagerly awaiting news of his renewed contract with Mercedes, and they won’t have to wait much longer. The German squad’s team principal Toto Wolff recently revealed that negotiations between the team and Hamilton should be quick and easy, thanks to the strong alignment between the two.

Wolff and Hamilton haven’t seen each other since Christmas, but Wolff is confident that once they are back in Europe, they’ll be able to “stick their heads together, wrestling a bit and then leaving the room with white smoke after a few hours.”

2021 Qatar Grand Prix, Thursday – Steve Etherington

“We have a full year to go. We’re so aligned,” Wolff told the press.

Hamilton has previously stated that he is planning to do a multi-year deal with Mercedes, but the specifics of the deal have yet to be determined. He has also confirmed that he will definitely be staying with Mercedes, and is determined to retire as a world champion.

Despite his success in motorsports, Hamilton has also been focusing on other ventures, such as his newly launched film production company. However, he is still driven to achieve more with Mercedes and in the world of F1.

“I’m not putting a limit on it, to be honest.

“I’m planning to do a multi-year deal with my team. I really, really don’t know what the next five years [hold], I think we’re still trying to work on that.

“There’s a lot of great things that are being put in place, like I’ve just launched a [film] production company this week. But I feel great, like in mind and body.

“I think there’s more stuff to achieve together. I just don’t know [how long].”

It’s set to be an exciting February as Hamilton and Wolff work out the details of their renewed contract, and fans eagerly await the outcome.

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