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F1 News: Sauber Addresses Audi Entry Amid Cancellation Rumors

Sauber’s managing director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, quashes doubts about Audi’s commitment to F1 in 2026, emphasizing the manufacturer’s unwavering dedication despite leadership changes and speculation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sauber affirms Audi’s commitment to F1 amidst leadership changes and rumors, stating that the manufacturer remains steadfast in its 2026 entry plans.
  • Despite concerns over Audi’s F1 project under new CEO Gernot Dollner, Sauber maintains transparency and continues infrastructure development under CEO Andreas Seidl’s leadership.
  • Speculations regarding delays and doubts surrounding Sauber’s capabilities are addressed, with assurances of ongoing progress and alignment with timelines for the 2026 entry.

Speculations surrounding Audi’s entry into Formula 1 have been circulating following the departure of CEO Markus Duesmann, who was a strong advocate for the venture. With the appointment of Gernot Dollner as the new CEO, uncertainties have arisen regarding the future of Audi’s involvement in F1, leading to rumors of potential team sale and project cancellation.

Since Audi’s acquisition of Sauber under the leadership of CEO Andreas Seidl in 2022, the team has been actively expanding its infrastructure and workforce. The development of Audi’s power unit at a specialized F1 facility in Neuberg has been underway, with recent indications suggesting a potential shift in personnel towards F1 responsibilities within the company’s management.

Alunni Bravi addressed concerns regarding Audi’s commitment to the F1 project, affirming the manufacturer’s dedication across all levels of management. He reiterated that decisions regarding the F1 entry were endorsed by Audi’s management and supervisory boards, indicating a solid commitment to the venture.

Regarding speculation about project delays, Alunni Bravi emphasized that the F1 project is progressing according to established timelines and governance structures. Collaboration between Sauber and Audi continues to strengthen, with a focus on achieving goals set for the 2026 entry.

Addressing doubts about Sauber’s infrastructural capabilities, Alunni Bravi highlighted the thorough due diligence conducted prior to Audi’s acquisition of the team. He reiterated Sauber’s commitment to enhancing facilities and technology, aligning with the standards set by leading F1 teams.

Despite media speculation, Alunni Bravi emphasized the transparency of Sauber’s project, ensuring clarity for stakeholders and potential recruits. He dismissed distractions caused by rumors, highlighting the ongoing recruitment efforts and the steadfast progress towards establishing Sauber as a competitive works team in Formula 1.

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