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F1 News: Max Verstappen Reveals Firm Stance On Red Bull Exit Rumours

Max Verstappen has put an end to the swirling speculations regarding his future with Red Bull Racing by affirming his commitment to the team until 2028. The declaration comes amidst recent team tensions that were highlighted during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen intends to honour his contract with Red Bull Racing until its conclusion in 2028, dismissing any rumours of an early departure.
  • The Dutch driver expressed the importance of maintaining the core team for continued success, amidst recent controversies within the team.
  • Despite the unsettling events surrounding the team, including an investigation involving team principal Christian Horner, Verstappen remains focused on his performance on the track.

Max Verstappen’s recent statements have brought some much-needed clarity to his position within Red Bull Racing, amid a tumultuous period for the team. After winning the first two races of the 2024 season, Verstappen’s focus remains unwavering, as he aims to extend his success on the track, despite off-track distractions.

Verstappen’s commitment to Red Bull was made clear to the media in Australia. He emphasised the significance of the team’s stability, stating, as quoted by ESPN:

“That’s why I, of course, signed the deal in the first place. And that’s what I said before also. I’m happy within the team and of course it’s very important that we try and keep the key players in the team for a longer period of time, as of course that’s where the performance is as well.

“At the end of the day, it’s a performance business. It’s the same as if I wouldn’t perform, I wouldn’t be sitting here, so I know how that works.

“But for sure with the deal in place that’s also my intention to be here to the end, because it would be a great story for me personally just see it out to the end, because it basically means I’ve been part of one family and one team.”

The backdrop to Verstappen’s firm stance includes a series of events that have rocked the Red Bull camp. Controversy first erupted with allegations against Christian Horner, followed by an independent investigation that ultimately cleared him of any misconduct. However, the complainant has now lodged an appeal. The episode led to a tense period within the team, with Verstappen’s father, Jos, and advisor Helmut Marko becoming central figures in the unfolding drama.

Verstappen, however, has chosen to distance himself from the internal politics, focusing instead on his contributions on the track. He continued:

“From my side, I also don’t want to be too involved with these kinds of things. At the end of the day, I’m the driver and I’m here to look at the performance side of things, that’s what I’m hired for.

“But from what I know everything has been handled in the right way. I’m not going into any further details from that side because I don’t know more than that, and I also don’t want to know as it’s not my job or my task within the team.”

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