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F1 News: Max Verstappen Shares Thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Move – “I Think It Will Look Cool”

Max Verstappen recently voiced his opinion on Lewis Hamilton’s anticipated transition from Mercedes to Ferrari in the upcoming 2025 season. Speaking at the unveiling of Red Bull’s 2024 championship contender, the RB20, Verstappen expressed positivity towards Hamilton’s move, describing it as something that “will look cool.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen’s Positive View on Hamilton’s Move: Verstappen expressed a positive outlook on Hamilton’s significant switch from Mercedes to Ferrari, noting that he believes it will have an aesthetically pleasing impact. His remarks suggest a supportive stance towards Hamilton’s career decision.
  • Surprise and Impact of Hamilton’s Move: Verstappen highlighted the surprise factor surrounding Hamilton’s decision and emphasized the broader implications it holds for the driver market. With Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes marking the end of an era, the move signifies significant changes in the Formula 1 landscape, particularly with multiple driver contracts set to expire after the 2024 season.
  • Verstappen’s Contract and Future Possibilities: Despite Verstappen’s contentment with his current team, he hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of a future switch to Ferrari. While reaffirming his commitment to Red Bull until the end of the 2028 season, Verstappen remains open to new experiences and acknowledges the unpredictable nature of life in Formula 1.

Verstappen, known for his fierce rivalry with Hamilton on the track, responded to Hamilton’s Ferrari move with a mix of understanding and curiosity. Acknowledging the significance of Hamilton’s decision, Verstappen reflected on the complexities involved in such career transitions.

“At the end of the day, if someone wants to drive for Ferrari, especially someone like Lewis who has already achieved so much, if that’s his dream and goal… Again, we don’t know the talks they’ve had, at Mercedes, at Ferrari, what has been promised, what they think is coming,” Verstappen stated.

“You can’t give an honest assessment from our side as to why you make that decision. You know, if he is happy with that move, I think it will look cool and of course I hope for them it will be a success but you don’t know.”

While Verstappen expressed contentment with his current situation at Red Bull, he remained open to the possibility of change in the future.

“I don’t want to sound, like, disrespectful or whatever because I have a lot of respect for the brand Ferrari, but I’m happy where I’m at. I’m comfortable in the environment I’m in so it’s not something I’m looking to change or whatever but again, in my life, you always want to experience so never say never but, for me now, it’s not even in my head.”

As the Formula 1 community anticipates Hamilton’s move to Ferrari and the subsequent ripple effects it may bring, Verstappen’s perspective offers valuable insight into the dynamics of driver career decisions within the sport.

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