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Jeremy Clarkson Slams Interviewers And Press During Boris Johnson Coronavirus Briefing

In a sad update to England’s pandemic, Boris Johnson addressed the nation to mark the day the country passed 100,000 deaths in the UK from the virus. He insists that his government did “everything we could” but that he is “deeply sorry” that the pandemic has hit this country so hard.

After the briefing, Johnson accepted questions from the public, but Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour fame didn’t take kindly to the questions that were asked.

“Can the journalists in the press conferences please drop the blame game and ask a relevant question?” he asks. “Is the vaccine working?

“Start there.”

It was fairly obviously straight away that the journalists involved were simply seeking headlines instead of useful information for the most part. Clarkson, being a respected and experienced journalist, also saw this and took to Twitter to call them out.

This tweet caused massive controversy, however, as followers of Clarkson argued that this wasn’t important compared to the number of deaths.

Clarkson replied to one serious question:

“Pertinent question, certainly worth asking, however, I disagree that journalists should not hold the elected decision makers to account for this omnishambles.”

“They get one question. And I wish they’d use it to find stuff out,” Clarkson replied.

The ex-Top Gear presenter has also recently attacked the BBC due to the corporation “alienating” its audience. The problem is that it’s “desperately trying to woo these younger people by getting more and more right on”.

He continues: “I look at all the ‘experts’ on the Antiques Roadshow and think, ‘Yes, you are demographically correct, but do you actually know anything about antiques?’”

These comments came after Ofcom’s 2020 report stated that half of all the people in England between 16 and 34 don’t regularly watch anything on the BBC. Clarkson’s previous ties to the BBC means he’s easily agitated by such issues. But with The Grand Tour’s next episode on his editing plate and his own farming show, I Bought The Farm hopefully coming soon, he has plenty to think about right now.

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