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F1 News: Max Verstappen Slams New Rules as “Extremely Dangerous

In a recent outcry, Max Verstappen condemned the new Formula 1 qualifying pit lane rules, marking them as perilous and ineffectual. This bold statement from the reigning world champion has sent ripples through the F1 community, casting a shadow on the safety of these newly implemented regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen has voiced serious concerns over the safety of the new F1 pit lane regulations during qualifying, calling them “extremely dangerous” due to the potential danger caused by a mix of high-speed and slow-moving cars.
  • The current regulations, under FIA Article 33.4, dictate that drivers should not stop unnecessarily in the pit lane’s fast lane and must keep to the left to allow overtaking on the right along the pit exit road.
  • Verstappen criticized the rules for creating confusion and congestion, leading to dangerous situations where cars slow down or go off-track to pass, with numerous reports of cars not maintaining the minimum speed.

Red Bull’s ace, Max Verstappen, has not held back in his criticism of the new pit lane protocols. His recent statements shed light on the potential chaos these rules could unleash during the high-stakes qualifying rounds. Verstappen’s comments reflect a growing concern within the racing community about the practicality and safety of these regulations.

“It was absolutely terrible,” Verstappen expressed, detailing the complications brought about by the rule changes. He highlighted the issues particularly evident on tracks with long pit exits, bordered by walls. The discrepancy between the speeds of cars entering the track at 15-20 km/h and those zooming by at over 300 km/h poses a significant risk, according to the Dutch driver.

Verstappen’s frustration was palpable as he pointed out the paradoxical nature of the rules, which, instead of streamlining the process, have resulted in a confusing tangle of slow-moving vehicles obstructing the racing line. This led to Verstappen himself taking to the grass to avoid slower cars, a move he described as indicative of the rules’ failure.

“For me, this doesn’t work at all,” Verstappen continued, stressing the increased problems caused by the regulations. He observed that every qualifying session now results in a chaotic scene, with several cars being reprimanded for not adhering to the minimum speed requirements. “It’s just a mess every single qualifying,” he reiterated.

Verstappen’s critical stance on the new pit lane rules is a clear call for reassessment and potential revision by the FIA. The safety and efficiency of the regulations are now under scrutiny, with the racing community awaiting a response to these pressing concerns raised by one of its most prominent figures.

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