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F1 News: Pierre Pouring the Gasly on Mercedes Fire with Shot at Lewis Hamilton

The problems with this year’s Mercedes are well documented and teams are starting to crawl from under the rocks they’ve been put in for the past decade to take their jabs at the silver arrows.

Obviously, the man that everyone has their pitchforks out for now is Lewis Hamilton and we all know a racer’s mentality is to pass if they see an opening. Rewind to this past weekend where Lewis Hamilton finished P13 behind Lance Stroll, Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly.

First off, finishing behind Aston Martin and Williams would be enough to send me into forever silence, but then you have Pierre Gasly who was in a crippled Alpha Tauri car this week along with teammate Yuki Tsunoda, talking a bit after the race and Lewis Hamilton is going to have to channel all his inner peace to deal with this.

When asked if holding off the 7-time world champion was difficult at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the Frenchman coldly responded that it “wasn’t too difficult,” but then began to elaborate:

“Unfortunately for him he always gets stuck behind me on tracks where it’s incredibly difficult to overtake. But I think I was just as frustrated as he was, you know? For whatever reason, even with DRS, this year was really tough. overtaking here,”  – Pierre Gasly, Alpha Tauri 

Hamilton and Team Mercedes already seem to be calling in the season as they have no chance of competing with Ferrari, Red Bull and now a emerging McClaren team. We’ve seen Ferrari go through a similar patch these past few years, so let’s see if the Silver Arrows can come back and figure this out one.

It’s an exciting time in Formula One as the new guard is starting to establish their place in the sport.

What are your thoughts on the future of Mercedes?

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