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Kevin Magnussen’s Intense Preparations for Singapore Grand Prix

Insights on Training and Circuit Changes

As the Formula 1 season accelerates towards the glittering cityscape of Singapore, Haas driver Kevin Magnussen opens up about his rigorous training regimen and the impending changes awaiting racers at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. With the grand event fast approaching, Magnussen’s insights offer a glimpse into the challenges and adaptations that accompany this iconic race.

The Singapore Grand Prix, renowned for its labyrinthine street circuit and oppressive humidity, stands as one of the most physically demanding races on the Formula 1 calendar. Magnussen, a seasoned driver, attests that this race, more than any other, stays at the forefront of his training endeavors. He emphasizes the need for peak physical condition to conquer what he calls the “most physical track of the year.”

In preparation for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix, the Haas driver reveals that some adjustments have been made to the circuit layout. Notably, a lengthy straight will now replace the complex sequence from Turn 16 through to Turn 19. This modification aims to inject an element of variety into the race while potentially alleviating some of the drivers’ physical strain.

“Singapore is the original night race. It’s a great place for fans to come and experience Formula 1. The whole weekend is full of events going on, all around the city, and it’s really an event where the whole of Singapore embraces the event. The track is a street circuit which is always a challenge.”

Magnussen elaborates on the changes, stating that they should make the race slightly less demanding. In a sport where every fraction of a second counts, these alterations could significantly influence strategy and overall race dynamics.

“I think the biggest thing about Singapore is that it’s the most physical track of the year with the heat and humidity. That’s an extra strain on the drivers, but also because of the track layout and the low-speed nature of the track, the race continues for a long time, it’s often close to the two-hour limit for a Formula 1 race.

“You lose a lot of liquid, you sweat a lot and it’s very demanding of the driver. In all the training I do, the main event is the main motivation to train in Singapore, that’s how I feel anyway. It’s the most exhausted I’ve ever been in Singapore. There can be good and bad years with the humidity, but generally, it’s the most demanding race.”

In the face of these developments, Kevin Magnussen remains focused on harnessing his skills and maintaining his physical prowess. As the Singapore Grand Prix looms, the eyes of the Formula 1 world will be on the Danish driver and the adaptability required to conquer this unique challenge.

“I think it’s interesting. It’s probably going to make it slightly less demanding physically, it’s going to be faster, so it’s probably going to last for a shorter time so we’ll lose less liquid and be slightly less demanding. Whether that will change anything for us as a team, time will tell.”

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