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F1 News: Red Bull Interested In Alex Albon After British GP Success

It’s hard to ignore the buzz around Alex Albon and his exceptional performance at Williams. He’s been carrying the weight of the team, gathering all seven points for Williams in this year’s World Championship. This one-man effort has pushed Williams ahead of AlphaTauri, placing them at an impressive ninth spot in the Constructors’ World Championship. There are whispers that his previous team, Red Bull, might be interested in bringing him back.

As for Albon’s teammate, Logan Sargeant, it seems like Albon has the upper hand. He leads with a perfect 9-0 score in their internal qualifying duel. Christian Horner, his previous boss at Red Bull, has already showered him with praise, and now Helmut Marko, another key figure from Red Bull, has done the same.

Marko has shared his thoughts about Albon’s extraordinary performance:

“I think Alex is doing a great job [during the British GP qualifying].

“But if you put that into perspective, I assume that he drove at full power.

“That’s a good three, three and a half tenths here. And maybe the amount of fuel wasn’t as heavy as it was with us or Mercedes, for example.

“We call it ‘board time’ when someone comes from the top. The Williams is now a fast car, and in combination with Albon it is actually Q3-capable.

“[He] is unfortunately tied to Williams until the end of 2025.”

Albon, who began his F1 journey with Toro Rosso in 2019, later transitioned to Red Bull. While he didn’t outshine Verstappen there and was replaced by Sergio Perez in 2021, he found a place in the starting lineup with Williams the following year. His contract with Williams extends till 2025.

Reading between the lines of Marko’s statement, it may be unlikely for Albon to make a return to Red Bull because of his long-term contract with Williams. However, if we look at Perez’s career, who once took Albon’s spot at Red Bull and later got a chance with a top team, a comeback for Albon can’t be entirely dismissed. The encouraging words from influential figures like Horner and Marko certainly shed promising light on Albon’s future in the racing world.

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