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F1 News: Verstappen’s “Grumpy” Outburst in Singapore GP Qualifying – Windsor’s Sharp Critique

In a surprising turn at the Singapore GP, Max Verstappen’s outburst reflected his frustration with his ‘undrivable’ RB19. Former Ferrari F1 team manager Peter Windsor labeled Verstappen’s reaction as “pretty grumpy,” considering the car’s otherwise stellar performance this season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen’s Disappointment: During the Singapore GP qualifying, Max Verstappen experienced significant issues with his RB19, leading to an eleventh-place finish. His frustration boiled over into a public outburst, describing his car as ‘undrivable’ and his Q2 experience as “shocking.”
  • Red Bull’s Qualifying Struggles: Both Red Bull drivers, Verstappen and Sergio Perez, faced challenges with their cars’ setup on the high downforce Marina Bay Circuit. Perez also encountered difficulties, resulting in a thirteenth-place finish.
  • Windsor’s Critique: Peter Windsor, a former Ferrari F1 team manager, commented on Verstappen’s unusually strong reaction, deeming it excessive given his overall successful season. He also critiqued Perez’s performance, likening his mistake to that of a less experienced driver.

In an unexpected twist during the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying round, Red Bull’s dominant 2023 season faced a significant challenge. Max Verstappen, who has been in exceptional form throughout the year, faced a rare setback with his RB19. His vehicle, typically reliable and competitive, proved difficult on the high downforce Marina Bay Circuit, leading to an unusual outburst from the usually composed driver.

Verstappen’s frustrations were vocal and public, with his characterization of the RB19 as ‘undrivable’ catching many off guard. His comments after the Q2 session, where he finished eleventh, reflected a level of discontent not commonly seen from the race leader this season. He described his experience as “shocking,” visibly upset by the car’s performance.

Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, also struggled during the qualifying round. Facing issues with a ‘tail-happy’ car, Perez finished in thirteenth place. This collective performance downturn for Red Bull raised eyebrows, especially given their otherwise strong showing this season.

Peter Windsor, a seasoned voice in the F1 community and former Ferrari F1 team manager, offered a pointed critique of Verstappen’s behavior. Quoted by PlanetF1, Windsor expressed surprise at the extent of Verstappen’s reaction, especially considering the driver’s successful run this year. “We didn’t see the whole lap but I heard the radio transmission from Max afterward which was pretty grumpy, really overly so I think, for a guy who’s got this year’s championship sewn up, who’s had a brilliant car underneath him all year,” Windsor remarked. He added, “It was over the top really, I thought of that reaction. But not happy.”

Additionally, Windsor did not hold back in his assessment of Perez’s performance, criticizing his mistake during the qualifier as something expected from a less experienced driver. He commented on Perez’s inelegant spin at Turn One, further highlighting the challenges faced by the Red Bull team during this event.

As the F1 season continues, the Singapore GP has provided an unexpected narrative twist. Verstappen’s and Perez’s struggles in Singapore, coupled with Windsor’s candid comments, set the stage for an intriguing next chapter in the 2023 F1 season.

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