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Ferrari Admits To Coaching Mick Schumacher For Future Seat In Formula 1

Ferrari has confirmed that it has been coaching Mick Schumacher as part of his path to a possible seat at the famous Scuderia, in order to follow in his father Michael Schumacher’s footsteps. Following his victory at the end of 2020 season of Formula 2, Schumacher was given a seat with Haas for the 2021 Formula 1 series.

The German, who we were extremely excited to see get a seat in Formula 1, followed fellow racers Charles Leclerc and George Russell when he moved from Formula 2 to Formula 1. Unfortunately, due to his team not developing its 2021 car with its focus being on the 2022 car instead, Schumacher didn’t make as many waves as he hoped for in his first season.

Despite this, it was announced that Mick is officially a Ferrari reserve driver alongside Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Diovinazzi. And the son of the 7-time world champion will take to the seat 11 times during 2022 as Giovinazzi makes a move to Formula E. Giovinazzi will be on standby for 12 events despite his move.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto said the following about Mick’s abilities behind the wheel:

“In 2021, he was followed by Ferrari engineers dedicated to the Ferrari Driver Academy programme to support him in his development and that will continue next year. A simulator will be available to him at Maranello.”

Adding further, Mattia Binotto also admitted that Ferrari is doing all it can to further develop the young driver’s skills:

“Mick is still part of the Ferrari Driver Academy which means we are still coaching him as a driver even today.

“But we’ve an entire programme [with him] because in still being part of an academy, it’s part of our objective to continuously try to develop them as drivers.

“Again, the final objective one day, is they will prove to be capable to be a Ferrari driver.”

Schumacher will continue to drive for Haas in 2022 alongside Nikita Mazepin, but Binotto is keen to add that his hard work in that car hasn’t been missed.

“The reason we’ve got a Ferrari Driver Academy is to identify who can be the Ferrari driver for the future.

“Being part of it, if you are doing well, no doubt you may have opportunities. He’s already had one season in F1, which is important.

“I think Mick through the season did well. He improved himself, not only in terms of consistency but as well in terms of speed.

“If I look at the last races, he was a lot closer to the cars ahead, while Haas didn’t really develop the car at all. The fact that he was closer proved he had a good improvement on the speed itself.”

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