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Mick Schumacher Writes Loving Message To Dad Michael Schumacher On F1 World Champion’s Birthday

January 3rd brings us the birthday of one of the most legendary drivers of all time, Michael Schumacher. Today he turns 53, and with 306 Grand Prix starts, 91 wins, 155 podiums, 1566 career points, and a record-breaking 7 world championships to his name, it’s safe to say we’re feeling his loss from the sport today.

He was involved in a skiing accident in 2013 and since then, his health has been in question. Last year, his wife gave us a saddening update:

“I miss Michael every day.

“But Michael is here – different, but here. He still shows me how strong he is every day,” she said before telling us she believes she’s being watched over by “guardian angels”.

Mick Schumacher, who is currently racing for Haas in the 2022 Formula 1, posted to his Instagram account with a tribute to his father.

“Happy Birthday, Dad,” he wrote.

“Days like these were important to my growing passion for Motorsport, and still affects it to this day. I am grateful for all the experiences you have given me and I’m excited to be making new ones in the future.”

Followers of the F1 driver were quick to share their thoughts of his father, with one saying: “Keep fighting, Michael, we love you.”

Another added: “Proud of you mick. Happy birthday Michael.”

A third also penned: “We know that he is proud of what you have achieved.”

Only moments ago, it was confirmed that Ferrari has been coaching Mick while he’s been racing for Haas and a reserve driver for Ferrari. You can read the full story here.

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