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Ferrari Persists in Pursuit of Compensation After Carlos Sainz’s Las Vegas GP Crash

Ferrari remains resolute in its pursuit of compensation following Carlos Sainz’s crash at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, as team principal Frederic Vasseur confirms ongoing talks with the race organizers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari faces significant financial losses, estimated at around $2 million, due to the incident involving a loose drain cover during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, resulting in a grid penalty for Carlos Sainz.
  • Frederic Vasseur expressed frustration over the incident and is actively engaging in negotiations with the Las Vegas Grand Prix organizers to reach a resolution.
  • Despite the challenges posed by the accident, Ferrari maintains optimism about finding a solution as discussions continue.

In the wake of Carlos Sainz’s costly crash at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Ferrari remains steadfast in its pursuit of compensation for the damages incurred. The incident, which saw a loose drain cover severely damage Sainz’s car during the first practice session, not only inflicted financial strain but also resulted in a grid penalty due to the necessary repairs.

Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s team principal, voiced his frustration over the incident, highlighting the unprecedented challenges faced by the team. In his recent remarks to the media, Vasseur emphasized the ongoing negotiations with the Las Vegas Grand Prix organizers, signaling optimism about reaching a resolution. He stated, as quoted by GP Blog:

“We are still in talks, it is work in progress, so to speak (laughs). But I think such a time span is normal in cases like this. So I am not worried, we are going to find a solution.”

The magnitude of the financial losses incurred by Ferrari underscores the urgency of resolving the issue promptly. With the 2024 Formula 1 season approaching, both parties are engaged in dialogue to address the matter and mitigate the repercussions of the incident. While the negotiation process may test the patience of those involved, Vasseur remains hopeful that a mutually beneficial agreement will be reached in due course.

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