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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Fights Back At Instagram User Proving She Has Just As Much Fight As Her Dad

Emily Clarkson, Jeremy Clarkson’s eldest daughter, has responded to being told to “get a real job” that isn’t “connected to Instagram” after a recent post to her Instagram account revealed that she was worried about the security of her income if her account was taken down.

Emily, an advocate for women’s rights and body confidence, posted a screenshot of the comment from the undisclosed user:

“I just saw something that said you were scared of losing your job that is linked to your Instagram,” it said.

“Well, you could always get out and get a real job if you are worried about not being able to pay your bills.”

Emily added her own caption next to the comment in retaliation: “I’m plenty able to pay my bills with this fake job thanks,” she wrote in front of her 234,000 followers.

Like many influencers on Instagram and similar social media sites, Emily will earn money from sponsorship deals in the form of advertising. Only weeks ago, she posted an ad for Ford, in which she educated her fans on what it was like to live with an all-electric car.

She also hosts a podcast and has released a number of books, all of which have been very successful. But Instagram has previously taken down a number of her posts:

“I feel like someone is going through and reporting me for stuff?” she questioned.

“These are really old posts and really random reasons but it’s so scary because if I get too many reports I will legit lose my account (MY JOB).”(sic)

Previously, she’s asked fans to help her get a number of posts reinstated:

“Some of you are asking what you can do to help.”

After posting a nude photograph again after it was originally taken down, she added the caption: “Sharing this image to your stories and asking @instagram to reconsider would be really helpful.

“I have not done anything wrong and I don’t believe this is fair.”

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  1. The Clarkson family will say anything irrelevant just to be in the news…In fact they should just disappear…
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