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Ferrari’s SF-23 Dons Historic American-Inspired Livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix: A Nod to Glorious Past

Scuderia Ferrari has introduced a new livery for its SF-23 Formula 1 car, inspired by its rich American history, ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The design showcases a blend of white and red, reflecting Ferrari’s iconic moments in the United States, particularly from the 1970s.

Key Takeaways:

  • Historical Inspiration: The new livery of Ferrari’s SF-23 car, featuring a white rear wing, number board, and engine cover accents, is a tribute to the team’s American Formula 1 history. The design draws from the aesthetics of U.S.-related F1 cars from Ferrari’s past.
  • Approval and Implementation: To bring this livery change to life, Ferrari secured the approval of all sponsor partners. This alteration is also reflected in the updated racing suits of drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, echoing the red-and-white theme of the Ferrari 312B.
  • White in Ferrari’s History: Ferrari’s livery history shows a fluctuating use of white, with significant use in the 1970s and brief returns in 1993 and 2016. These periods often ended with a return to the classic all-red theme, making this new introduction a notable deviation.

Scuderia Ferrari’s unveiling of a special livery for its SF-23 F1 car at the Las Vegas Grand Prix marks a significant moment in the team’s ongoing tribute to its American Formula 1 history. This new design, which prominently features white rear wing, number board, and engine cover accents, is inspired by the U.S.-related F1 cars of the past, specifically echoing the aesthetics of the 1970s.

The transformation extends beyond the car itself, with racing overalls of Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc also reflecting the updated design. This change, which required unanimous approval from all of Ferrari’s sponsor partners, represents a visual connection to the team’s legacy, particularly the red-and-white theme of the Ferrari 312B, famously driven by Mario Andretti in 1971.

Ferrari’s history in F1 is peppered with phases where white played a significant role in its car designs. Notable examples include the championship-winning years with Niki Lauda and the brief resurgence of white in 1993 on the F93A. However, challenging seasons often prompted a reversion to the iconic all-red livery, as seen in 1994 and again post-2016.

As the F1 world turns its eyes towards the Las Vegas Grand Prix, there’s a palpable curiosity about whether this resurgence of white on the SF-23 will herald a change in fortune for Ferrari. The team’s decision to revisit this color scheme, albeit briefly, is a poignant reminder of its storied past, and whether it augurs a return to former glories or the harbinger of fresh challenges remains an intriguing question for fans and pundits alike.

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