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Scooter Rider Apprehended After Riding Wrong Way Down Interstate Highway In Police Chase

A police chase has ended after a scooter rider led police the wrong way down an interstate highway which began in Danvers, Massachusetts and ended in Medford, north of Boston.

The chase was reported on by CBS News as the scooter was ridden towards oncoming traffic on the Interstate 93. While we don’t know how the chase began, the police confirmed that they followed the rider from a distance so to not agitate the situation after they suspected they were suicidal.

The rider was finally caught on Mystic Avenue in Medford where EMS was on the scene once the chase came to an end.

Fortunately, this dangerous driving from the rider didn’t end in an accident between him or anyone else on the roads – an incredible result from a very scary scenario that ended at 11am local time.

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