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Former F1 Driver Johnny Herbert Warns Grid – “Still Haven’t Seen The Best Of Max Verstappen”

The Formula 1 world is put on alert by former driver Johnny Herbert, who asserts that Max Verstappen’s full potential is yet to be revealed, echoing comparisons to legendary figures like Ayrton Senna. Herbert emphasizes Verstappen’s intimidating presence on the track and suggests that the Dutch driver’s peak performances are still on the horizon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen’s influence on the track has drawn parallels to the legendary Ayrton Senna, showcasing his psychological dominance over competitors.
  • Verstappen’s adaptability to the evolving technological landscape of Formula 1 is praised, indicating potential for even greater achievements.
  • Rival challenges are seen as essential catalysts for Verstappen to unlock his fullest potential, with anticipation building for his continued growth and success.

The Formula 1 grid has been put on notice by former driver Johnny Herbert, who asserts that Max Verstappen is yet to reach his full potential in the sport. Drawing parallels with legends like Ayrton Senna, Herbert highlights the psychological edge Verstappen brings to the track, suggesting that his intimidating presence is a significant factor in his success.

“The best drivers always bring that intimidation to the cockpit. I remember some drivers used to see Ayrton Senna’s yellow helmet and it was almost as if they drove off the circuit because of who he was. Intimidation is definitely a big part and Max Verstappen has definitely got a lot of it.

“To have that is a good thing and we still haven’t seen the best of Max Verstappen. He’s not peaked yet and he is going to absorb more positive energy. That is where the greats of the sport always are able to keep on moving with the times.

“As things change with the technology, with the designs of the car, there are certain characters that will be able to just move with the car.

“We all want to see Verstappen challenged. Even Verstappen himself wants a challenge because I think that is the scenario that gets the best out of Verstappen, when he is being raced against the likes of Hamilton or Leclerc.”

Verstappen’s trajectory in Formula 1 has been nothing short of remarkable. His recent performances, including a dominant showing in the 2023 season and a promising start to 2024, underscore his relentless pursuit of excellence. The Dutchman’s record-breaking season last year, with nineteen wins and a total of 575 championship points, sets a high bar for himself and his competitors.

The Red Bull team’s innovative approach, particularly with the RB20 car’s design, has been a talking point. Their efforts to refine aspects of the car, especially in low-speed corners and over kerbs, demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement to stay ahead of a quickly approaching pack.

It’s all to play for this season.

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