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Lewis Hamilton Optimistic Yet Cautious After Strong Mercedes Start in Bahrain Grand Prix FP2

Lewis Hamilton reflects on the opening day of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, expressing optimism tempered with caution regarding Mercedes’ performance. Despite leading FP2, Hamilton acknowledges room for improvement, particularly in long-run pace against rivals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenging conditions in FP1 due to strong winds and track differences from testing.
  • Hamilton remains cautious despite topping FP2, noting room for improvement in long-run pace.
  • Satisfaction with car’s advancements compared to the previous year, providing a solid foundation for future development.

Lewis Hamilton’s reflections on the opening day of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend underline a mix of optimism and realism within the Mercedes camp. The first practice session presented difficulties, with Hamilton mentioning the wind’s impact and the altered track conditions compared to testing. This unpredictability set a challenging stage for the team.

“It was very windy in FP1, and the track was very different to during the test. We didn’t know exactly where we would stack up against everyone else, but we had a positive FP2 session.

“The car was feeling good, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We know there is more to extract, and our long run pace isn’t in the fight with the Red Bulls. Overall though, I’m feeling much happier with the car than last year.

“We’ve made some good improvements and it feels much more like a race car. It’s a really good platform for us to build from. We just need to keep our heads down and keep chasing.”

In FP2, Hamilton and his team found their footing, with the British driver securing the top spot. However, Hamilton remains grounded, pointing out that despite the promising pace, the team’s long run performance does not yet match that of their main competitors, Red Bull.

Hamilton’s comments also reveal a sense of encouragement regarding the car’s development. After a year that may not have met the team’s high standards, the improvements made to the vehicle have reinvigorated Hamilton’s confidence.

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