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Video: This Weird Gearbox Has A 3.5th Gear – Why?

We’ve talked about some interesting gearboxes during out time on GTN, but never have we seen one like this. But doing our daily trails on YouTube to find some interesting content to amaze you with, we found this.

This is a standard 5-speed that’s been converted into a 4 speed, but one gear, specifically the original fifth, has been replaced by something that we certainly haven’t seen before. It now works as a 3.5th gear, effectively whacking an extra gear between 3rd and 4th allowing for an optimal power range when 3rd or 4th isn’t quite good enough.

Because of this, top speed has been sacrificed, but acceleration will be slight improved once in the 3.5th gear compared to the fourth.

Watch the videos and let the professional explain it, especially when this professional is the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya who is at the wheel of the AE86 – a legend in its own right.

Ever seen a gearbox like this? Let us know!

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