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Guenther Steiner Addresses Speculations on CBS Comedy Show Involvement

In a recent interaction with the media, Haas team boss Guenther Steiner clarified that currently, there is no progress on the CBS comedy show where he was announced as a non-writing producer. Steiner’s unique management style, popularized by Netflix’s Drive to Survive, sparked CBS’s interest, but developments on the show remain stagnant.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Status of the CBS Comedy Show: Guenther Steiner confirmed that there have been no recent developments regarding the CBS workplace comedy show. Although announced as a non-writing producer, Steiner indicated that he is unaware of any progress, especially concerning his role.
  2. Background and Inspiration: Steiner’s distinctive management approach, highlighted in Netflix’s Drive to Survive, garnered significant attention, leading to CBS’s interest in him for their comedy series. The show aims to base a character on Steiner’s unique personality traits.
  3. Future Prospects and Steiner’s Role: While Steiner is designated as a producer, he emphasized that his involvement is limited and dependent on the show’s progression. He mentioned having only preliminary discussions with CBS and remains in the dark about any concrete plans or the selection of a writer for the show.

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner, known for his straightforward and often humorous management style, recently addressed questions from the media about the upcoming CBS comedy show. This interaction comes in the wake of the immense popularity Steiner gained following his portrayal in Netflix’s hit series, Drive to Survive. His unique approach to team management not only captivated F1 fans but also caught the eye of CBS for a potential comedy series.

Steiner clarified that, as of now, there are no updates on the CBS project. His role as a non-writing producer remains undefined, with no information on the progress of the show’s development. This lack of clarity extends to the concept of the show as well, with Steiner revealing that he has not been involved in any recent discussions about its direction or content. His involvement seems to be in a holding pattern, dependent on the decisions and actions of CBS.

When prodded about whether he was looking for a writer for the show, Steiner humorously deflected, indicating that CBS is handling those aspects of the production. He has had only a couple of conversations with the network, and his participation, at this moment, seems to be more of a formality than an active role.

In summary, while Steiner’s popularity and unique character have made him an appealing figure for a comedy series, the actual realization of this project is still very much in the air. With no recent developments or decisions made, the potential CBS comedy show remains a topic of speculation and anticipation among fans of Steiner and Formula 1.

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