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Chevrolet Is Offering A Discount On The Camaro But Only To Mustang Owners

Someone at Chevrolet seems to be panicking about the way Ford and Dodge are rocketing ahead in terms of sales compared to the Camaro which is lagging behind massively. We covered this in a recent article where we addressed the rumours of the Camaro being discontinued, but it seems like Chevrolet is giving the muscle car a serious push in a bid to increase sales.

They’re offering a discount of $4,750 to any Mustang owner who is willing to trade in their pony car for the Camaro. That’s certainly one hell of a targetted promotion. It covers all Camaro trims, but is for Mustang owners only. If you don’t own a Mustang, you’ll still get a $1,750 customer cash back rebate on all ’19 Camaros this month.

If you own a Mustang but quite fancy yourself a Camaro, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the money you’re getting off. There’s a $3,750 cash allowance for Mustang owners who have had the car for a minimum of 30 days prior to the purchase. An additional $1,000 bonus will be for GM Card members as long as you’ve had the card since before January 2, 2020. The almost $5,000 discount will expire on March 2 later this year.

We’re not sure if you can then combine the customer cashback deal with the two above at the same time, but if you can, that would be a total of $$6,500 off of a Camaro which makes it very hard to say no to. That would make the Camaro ZL1 only $56,495, and the lowest LS spec only $19,495. that’s unbelievable value.

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