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Guenther Steiner’s Surprising Vehicle Choice Post-Haas: Not a Supercar but a Toyota Tundra

In a candid revelation, Guenther Steiner, the former Haas F1 Team Principal, shared his preference for a Toyota Tundra over a supercar. This unusual choice for a motorsport figurehead was disclosed after his recent departure from Haas F1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unconventional Vehicle Choice: Despite his significant role in Formula 1, Guenther Steiner opts for a Toyota Tundra pickup truck, eschewing the typical supercar preference associated with F1 personalities.
  • Previous Porsche Ownership: Steiner did acknowledge owning a Porsche eighteen years ago, but since then, has not pursued supercars, jokingly citing affordability and showing appreciation for a YouTuber’s Lamborghini.
  • End of the Haas Era: Steiner’s departure from Haas was officially on performance grounds, but it was speculated that his increased fame from the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” may have impacted his role at the American team.

Guenther Steiner, known for his significant contribution to the Haas F1 Team as its Team Principal, recently made headlines with a surprising personal revelation. Despite his deep-rooted connections to the high-speed world of Formula 1, Steiner disclosed his preference for a vehicle far removed from the glamourous supercars usually associated with the sport. In a video interview with YouTuber Mat Armstrong, Steiner revealed his choice of vehicle: a Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

This revelation comes after Steiner’s departure from Haas, an exit that was officially attributed to performance reasons by team owner Gene Haas. The news of Steiner’s unconventional vehicle choice adds a humanizing and relatable dimension to his public persona, particularly in the context of the elite and often extravagant world of Formula 1 racing.

Steiner’s candid nature shone through during the interview. When Mat Armstrong asked him about owning a sports car, Steiner humorously refuted the assumption, revealing instead his preference for the spacious and robust Toyota Tundra. He shared his fondness for the truck, especially given its size, which he humorously compared to the living room of his former home in Italy.

Despite his current choice of a more modest vehicle, Steiner did not completely distance himself from the allure of luxury cars. He reminisced about owning a Porsche about eighteen years ago but has since then steered clear of supercars. His lighthearted comment about not being able to afford them, unlike the YouTuber’s Lamborghini, adds a touch of humor and relatability to his character.

Steiner’s departure from Haas has been a topic of discussion in the F1 community. While performance issues were cited as the official reason, there has been speculation about the impact of his fame from the Netflix docuseries “Drive to Survive” on his role at the American team. His visibility and popularity from the series may have been a double-edged sword, bringing both acclaim and challenges to his professional life in Formula 1.

In conclusion, Guenther Steiner’s choice of a Toyota Tundra as his preferred vehicle underscores the diverse and personal nature of interests and preferences, even among high-profile figures in the glamorous world of Formula 1. His departure from Haas marks the end of an era, but his recent revelation shows a different, more personal side of the former team principal.

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