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Haas F1 Team Poised for Growth: Otmar Szafnauer Tapped for Chief Operating Officer Role Post-Steiner Era

In a significant shift within Haas F1 Team’s management, the former Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer is being considered for a pivotal non-technical role following Guenther Steiner’s exit. This move marks a strategic realignment focusing on broadening the team’s expertise beyond the track.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leadership Change at Haas: Following Guenther Steiner’s departure, Ayao Komatsu, previously Haas’s trackside engineering director, has been promoted to the role of team boss, emphasizing a shift towards a more technically oriented leadership.
  • Seeking Non-Technical Expertise: Haas is actively looking for a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to handle non-technical aspects of the team, including administration and human resources. Otmar Szafnauer, with his rich experience as the former Alpine team boss, is a top contender for this role.
  • Ralf Schumacher’s Endorsement: Ralf Schumacher, a respected figure in the Formula 1 community, has voiced strong support for Szafnauer, highlighting his track record in managing young teams and his current availability, having left Alpine amid a restructuring process.

The recent restructuring within Haas F1 Team reflects a deliberate strategy to enhance both technical and non-technical capabilities. The promotion of Ayao Komatsu to team boss after Guenther Steiner’s exit underscores a commitment to technical excellence. Komatsu’s promotion was a clear signal from team owner Gene Haas, indicating a preference for a technically-oriented leadership to steer the team forward in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

However, recognizing the importance of non-technical functions in a successful Formula 1 team, Haas is now in pursuit of a Chief Operating Officer. This role is pivotal for overseeing broader aspects of team management, including administration and human resources. Otmar Szafnauer, known for his extensive experience and skill in managing Formula 1 teams, particularly in nurturing young talent, emerges as a strong candidate for this role.

Ralf Schumacher, in an interview with, endorsed Szafnauer for the COO position, highlighting his unique blend of skills and experience. Schumacher said, “Otmar is someone who is well-known in Formula 1 and who also has expertise. One thing is technical expertise, but the other thing is to go out and look for good minds, sometimes at universities. Having this foresight and generating new people to take the team forward is a skill that I trust Otmar to have. I can’t imagine Mattia Binotto doing that. He’s also more associated with Audi, but I don’t quite see how that fits in with Andreas Seidl [CEO of Sauber Motorsport]. I’m curious about that.”

Szafnauer’s potential appointment could bring a fresh perspective and valuable insights, especially in areas where Haas seeks to grow and evolve. His track record in overseeing teams, coupled with his unaffiliated status post-Alpine restructuring, makes him a prime candidate for the COO role, offering a balance to the technically-focused leadership of Komatsu.

This development at Haas F1 Team is not just a change in personnel but signals a broader strategic shift, aiming to strengthen the team’s foundation and position it for future success in the ever-evolving and competitive world of Formula 1.

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