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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Fights Back At Online Troll After Posting Bikini Photo

We’ve written about Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter, Emily Clarkson, many times before as she pushes for body positivity on social media and for women. Now, in a recent post, she has posted two photos of herself in a bikini with the hopes to “normalise” the ageing process.

The Grand Tour presenter’s daughter is usually shown great respect by her fans, but this time, one user lashed out at Emily’s appearance in the photos.

“Normalise not wearing bikinis when you have a stomach. Doesn’t look good hun,” the user commented.


Emily took aim at this user and posted their comment to all of her 214,000 followers with the following caption:

“Normalise only wearing bikinis if you DON’T HAVE ONE OF YOUR VITAL ORGANS !! Also normalise not telling women on the internet what to do with their bodies.”

Fans of the famous blogger ran to her aid, with one replying to her saying: “YOU SAID IT! Imagine saying that to someone.”

Another adds:

“It’s a piece of clothing?! I cannot fathom how anyone thinks they have the right nor the inclination to tell others what to wear! Reflects more on their character than anything.”

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