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Hamilton and Leclerc Disqualified from Austin GP: Impact on F1 Championship Standings

In a surprising turn of events, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the Austin Grand Prix, altering the F1 championship standings. The disqualification, due to excessive wear on their cars’ planks, has reshaped the results, with Norris and Sainz moving up the ranks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disqualification Details: Lewis Hamilton, initially finishing second, and Charles Leclerc, who crossed the line fifth, were disqualified after the Austin GP. The FIA confirmed that their cars, the W14 and SF23, had excessive wear on the plank, violating the regulations.
  • Impact on Standings: Lando Norris now secures second place, followed by Carlos Sainz in third. This reshuffling also elevates Sergio Perez to fourth, impacting his defense against Hamilton in the championship.
  • Teams’ Response: Both Mercedes and Ferrari faced scrutiny over the wear on the skid pads, attributed to the bumpy track and tight Sprint race schedule. The official statement from the Stewards highlighted non-compliance with Article 3.5.9, focusing on specific areas of the cars.

The Austin Grand Prix, a cornerstone in the Formula One racing calendar, witnessed an unexpected twist following the disqualification of two of the sport’s top drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. The decision, made by the FIA, has significantly altered the landscape of the current championship standings.

Hamilton, who had celebrated a podium finish, and Leclerc, who finished in a respectable fifth place, were found in breach of the technical regulations. The FIA’s inspection revealed that the wear on the plank of their respective cars, the Mercedes W14 and Ferrari SF23, exceeded the allowable limits. This technical non-compliance led to their immediate disqualification from the race.

The ripple effect of this decision is substantial. Lando Norris, originally in third place, has been elevated to second, with Carlos Sainz taking the third spot. This reshuffling is particularly consequential for Sergio Perez, who now finds himself in fourth place. Perez’s position is critical as he defends his second spot in the championship against Hamilton.

The teams involved, Mercedes and Ferrari, were summoned by the Stewards post-race. The excessive wear on the skid pads was attributed to the unique conditions of the Austin track, combined with the demanding schedule of the Sprint race. This limited the teams’ ability to adequately prepare and inspect their vehicles.

The official letter from the Stewards stated, “A physical floor and a plank wear inspection was carried out on car numbers 16 and 44. The skids shown in the area -825> XR >- 1025 are found to be not in compliance with Article 3.5.9.” This specific reference to the non-compliant sections underlines the rigorous technical standards upheld in Formula One.

This development at the Austin GP not only impacts the individual standings of Hamilton and Leclerc but also reshapes the team dynamics and strategies moving forward in the championship. The incident serves as a reminder of the intricate balance between technological innovation and adherence to the stringent regulations that govern the world of Formula One racing.

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