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Hamilton’s Humorous Take on Perez’s Misfortune in Mexican GP Resonates with F1 Fans

In a light-hearted moment, Lewis Hamilton drew parallels between Sergio Perez’s crash at the Mexican Grand Prix and his own past mishap in Qatar. His amusing commentary came during a post-race discussion in the cooldown room, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship in Formula 1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hamilton’s Quip in Cooldown Room: Following the Mexican Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton witnessed Sergio Perez’s crash replay and humorously compared it to his own incident in Qatar, eliciting laughter and understanding among the top finishers.
  • Perez’s Unfortunate DNF: Sergio Perez’s home race ended abruptly after a collision with Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Despite starting strong, Perez’s aggressive maneuver led to a DNF, while Leclerc sustained minor damage and finished third.
  • Impact on Championship Standings: This incident significantly impacts the Drivers’ Standings, narrowing the points gap between Perez in second place and Hamilton in third to just 20 points, with three races remaining in the season.

In the cooldown room after the Mexican Grand Prix, the top three finishers, including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc, were seen discussing Sergio Perez’s dramatic crash. Hamilton, upon seeing the replay, made a light-hearted comment, drawing a parallel between Perez’s crash and his own in Qatar. He jokingly remarked, “Where’s he going? Oh s*** he’s me in Qatar! Haha!” showcasing his ability to find humor in tense situations and empathize with his fellow competitor’s plight.

Sergio Perez, who had an enthusiastic start at his home race, faced a major setback. Starting fifth on the grid, he nearly overtook Leclerc, thanks to the RB19’s performance and the slipstream effect. However, his attempt to squeeze past Leclerc led to a collision and his subsequent crash, resulting in a DNF for Perez. This incident contrasted with Leclerc’s minor damage and third-place finish, while Verstappen claimed his 16th win of the season.

Hamilton’s remark in the cooldown room wasn’t just a moment of humor; it was a reflection of his experience. He recalled a similar incident from the Qatar Grand Prix, where he attempted to overtake teammate George Russell but ended up crashing, leading to a DNF. This comparison not only lightened the mood but also showed Hamilton’s ability to relate to the challenges faced by fellow drivers.

Despite the disappointment, Perez maintained a sportsmanlike attitude, labeling the crash as a racing incident and acknowledging the lack of space for three cars. In a statement to Sky F1, he reflected, “I think simply there was no room for three cars. It was a total racing incident.”

As the season progresses with three more races, the incident at the Mexican GP plays a crucial role in the championship battle. Perez’s DNF has tightened the competition, reducing the points difference to just 20 points between him in second place and Hamilton in third in the Drivers’ Standings. This sets the stage for an intense conclusion to the season, where every race and every point counts significantly.

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