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Jacques Villeneuve Applauds Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Super Cheap’ Move to Ferrari: F1 News

Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari has been lauded as “super cheap” by former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve, highlighting the substantial increase in Ferrari’s stock value following the announcement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Villeneuve brands Hamilton’s move to Ferrari as “cheap,” noting the immediate surge in Ferrari’s share value.
  • Ferrari’s stock value on the New York Stock Exchange escalated by US$7 billion post Hamilton’s announcement.
  • Hamilton bids farewell to Mercedes after an illustrious 11-year tenure, securing numerous championships, including the latest in 2020.

Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve has expressed admiration for Lewis Hamilton’s strategic move to Ferrari, emphasizing the remarkable financial impact on the Italian team. Villeneuve, speaking on the surge in Ferrari’s stock value, stated:

“It’s amazing. The impact we have already seen with the share value in Ferrari bouncing up in 24 hours.

“That shows the effect. Ferrari’s value went up by US$7 billion on the New York Stock Exchange with the Hamilton announcement.”

Hamilton’s departure signifies not only a significant shift within Formula 1 but also marks the conclusion of a successful era for Mercedes. Over his 11-year stint with the team, Hamilton secured numerous championships, including his latest triumph in 2020.

Villeneuve further elaborated on the financial dynamics of Hamilton’s move, stating:

“When you look at it like that, it was super cheap for Ferrari to get Lewis. Lewis already has made money for Ferrari even after they have paid him. So that’s great. Lewis is really keen on his eighth championship and he could see he wouldn’t get it with Mercedes.”

Hamilton’s decision echoes his strategic prowess in career moves, reminiscent of his transition from McLaren to Mercedes, a move initially questioned but ultimately leading to six championships. Villeneuve reflected on this, stating:

“But as you have seen with Alonso, you still need to be in the right place at the right time. Lewis made an amazing move from McLaren to Mercedes, everyone thought he was crazy and look what happened. Six championships in that relationship.”

This insightful commentary from Jacques Villeneuve provides a nuanced perspective on Hamilton’s pivotal career decision, highlighting its financial and strategic implications for both Hamilton and Ferrari.

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