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Jake Dennis Reveals High Hopes for Red Bull RB20 in the 2024 F1 Season Following Virtual Test Drives

In a recent statement, Jake Dennis expressed his high expectations for the Red Bull RB20’s performance in the upcoming Formula 1 season, following his experience with the car in a simulator. This development marks a significant moment for the Red Bull team as they gear up for the new season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simulator Experience with RB20: Jake Dennis, a five-year veteran of Red Bull’s simulator, reported a positive experience with the RB20. His virtual drives suggest the car’s strong potential for the upcoming Formula 1 season.
  • Reflection on FP1 and Post-Season Test: Reflecting on his first-hand experience, Dennis recounted driving in FP1 at Abu Dhabi and completing a 125-lap post-season test, describing these opportunities as milestones in his career.
  • Expectations for the RB20: Dennis anticipates the RB20 to excel, based on his simulator sessions and previous track experiences. His comments hint at a promising performance for Red Bull in the 2024 season.

As the Formula 1 off-season unfolds, the spotlight turns to Jake Dennis, the recent Formula E world champion, and his insights into the Red Bull RB20’s capabilities. His hands-on experience, albeit in a virtual environment, sets the tone for the car’s anticipated performance in the real world of Formula 1 racing.

Dennis, speaking at the FIA Prize Giving Gala in Baku, delved into his extensive simulator work with Red Bull, a collaboration spanning over five years. He reflected on his debut in the RB19 during Free Practice 1 (FP1) at Abu Dhabi, vividly describing the thrill of navigating corners at high speeds and the intense physical demands of Formula 1 racing.

“Honestly, like, I do all this simulator work with these guys for the past 5 years and Christian Horner gave me a bit of a heads up that I was going to be stepping into the car for FP1. There’s just nothing quite like it, you arrive at these corners at 300 kph and you’re breaking at the 100-metre and you try to brace yourself for the G-force you’re about to experience. There’s nothing that comes close, these cars are like rocket ships,” Dennis commented.

His involvement extended to a post-season test, where he completed an impressive 125 laps. Dennis described this experience as a pinnacle in his career, lauding the Red Bull team’s engineering prowess.

“Even at the end of Tuesday when I did a full 125 laps it was just immense. The best day of my career that I’ve had. Full credit to these guys for building something so special,” he said.

With the new season approaching, Dennis’s sentiments about the RB20 are marked with optimism. His experiences in the simulator have bolstered his belief in the car’s potential.

“This car is insane. Hopefully, the RB20 should be pretty good. It goes pretty good on the simulator, I can confirm. So, we should be good for next year,” he expressed, anticipating a strong showing for Red Bull in the 2024 season.

While key figures like Max Verstappen and team chief Christian Horner maintain a cautiously optimistic outlook, expecting a challenging season ahead, the introduction of another Adrian Newey-designed car adds an element of excitement. The hope remains that other teams will elevate their performance to pose a formidable challenge to Red Bull’s dominance.

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