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Las Vegas Grand Prix: A Groundbreaking Success for US F1, Says Miami GP Chief

In a recent statement, Miami Grand Prix chief Tyler Epp praised the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix for its impressive execution and positive impact on American Formula 1. Epp highlighted the event’s economic success and its role in enhancing the US F1 fan base.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eventful Inauguration: Despite initial challenges, including a practice-delaying broken drain cover, the Las Vegas Grand Prix shone as a thrilling highlight of the 2023 F1 season, exceeding expectations.
  • Economic Windfall: The event significantly boosted local economy, with Nevada’s Gaming Control Board noting a 22.6% increase in gaming revenue for Strip casinos, and MGM Resorts International experiencing record hotel revenues.
  • Community and Promoter Support: Tyler Epp commended Las Vegas GP CEO Renee Wilm and her team for their exceptional efforts. He emphasized the collaborative spirit among US F1 promoters and the positive impact of the event on the American F1 scene.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, hosted along the iconic Strip, faced early challenges, notably an incident with a broken drain cover that caused practice delays. However, these issues were quickly overshadowed by the excitement and drama of the race itself, which became a standout event in the 2023 Formula 1 calendar.

In an interview with Autosport, Miami GP chief Tyler Epp expressed his admiration for the Las Vegas event’s success and its contribution to the broader F1 community in the United States. Epp stated:

“I think it does [help all of the US races]. We talk about this a lot; to group all American F1 fans into one bucket is always dangerous, but we all like competition, and we all like drama. Gosh, the race in Vegas had both! Our race last May had a good bit of it as well. So, I think anytime we can get great racing on our soil only helps to cultivate that US F1 fan.”

Epp also highlighted the commendable efforts of Renee Wilm, CEO of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and her team, describing their work as a “herculean achievement.” He emphasized the sense of unity among American F1 promoters, acknowledging the challenges they face and the importance of mutual support. Epp added:

“I can’t say enough about the effort of Renee [Wilm, Las Vegas GP CEO] and her team. That was a herculean achievement. I think the promoter community is defensive for each other, we know what it’s like when mistakes get made and stories get told, so the job they did was outstanding. For us, as an America promoter, we believe in the rising tide of all ships, and we wanted that to be successful. We were there, supporting in any way that we could, but I think Renee and the team did everything they could to invest in the sport was absolutely on display by the time Saturday night rolled around.”

The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s success is not just a win for the event itself but a significant boost for the entire US F1 circuit, proving that with the right combination of drama, competition, and collaboration, American Formula 1 can reach new heights.

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