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Lewis Hamilton Focuses on Qualifying Improvement for Qatar Grand Prix, Asserts Mastery in Race Craft

In the recent Qatar Grand Prix Sprint, Lewis Hamilton showcased his exceptional race craft, moving up from P12 to P5, and identified qualifying as a key area for improvement. His strategic and resilient performance sets the stage for an intense Grand Prix showdown.

Key Takeaways

  • Resilient Climb: Hamilton, overcoming early obstacles, masterfully climbed from P12 to P5, demonstrating his exceptional race craft and strategic mind.
  • Tyre and Team Strategy: Mercedes implemented a varied tyre strategy with Russell and Hamilton on Soft and Medium compounds, significantly impacting their race progression.
  • Upcoming Challenges: Positioned at P3 and P2 in the main Grand Prix, Hamilton and teammate Russell are preparing for a strategic contest, especially against the McLaren team.

“I was quite slow at the beginning on the Medium tyre. I knew that the degradation would be high though and that the race would come back to us,” Lewis Hamilton remarked, reflecting on his performance in the Sprint.

“Did I know that I was going to be able to get back up to fifth? No, but I was hoping I could the whole time. I tried to position my car the best I could, stay out of trouble and progress one step at a time.

“The car is still tricky to drive but our pace overall was good. I know I’ve got the race craft on lock. I just need to work on my qualifying!” he added, emphasizing his need to improve in qualifying rounds.

Continuing, Hamilton stated, “That said, tomorrow we start third. That is obviously a much better place to be lining up than we were today. We should be looking to fight to hold that position. We know it will be difficult to hold the McLarens behind.

“They are a little further back though, so we will be doing our best to do that. We will be giving it everything we’ve got as always.

“Congratulations to Max too on his third world championship, he has driven a great season and it is a well-deserved achievement. It would be great if we could be in a fight with him tomorrow.”

The Sprint event on Saturday saw Mercedes drivers, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, finish in P4 and P5, adding nine essential points to their team’s score and securing favorable positions for the upcoming Grand Prix. Amidst evolving track conditions and adjustments to track limits, particularly at turns 12 and 13, the team demonstrated adaptability and tactical acumen.

As the Grand Prix approaches at the Lusail International Circuit, the atmosphere is charged with strategic planning and anticipation. With a P3 start, Hamilton is poised to fully leverage his position. However, the question remains: will the McLarens present a formidable challenge to the Mercedes duo, known as the Brackley Arrows?

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