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Lewis Hamilton Shares Insight on 2021 Abu Dhabi GP Controversy and Looks Ahead to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

In a recent introspective discussion, Lewis Hamilton expressed his views on the contentious 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Max Verstappen’s actions, while also casting an eye towards the upcoming Saudi Arabian GP. His commentary not only sheds light on past events but also fuels excitement for what’s to come in the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Past: Lewis Hamilton absolves Max Verstappen of any blame in the controversial conclusion to the 2021 championship, focusing instead on the systemic issues in the sport.
  • Speculation About Verstappen’s Future: While recognizing Verstappen’s value to Red Bull, Hamilton voices intrigue about the Dutchman’s future amid rumors of a potential exit.
  • Anticipation for Saudi Arabian GP: With the next race in sight, the performance of Verstappen’s RB20 on the Jeddah circuit is eagerly awaited, especially against competitors like Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton, one of Formula 1’s most esteemed drivers, recently revisited the intense and controversial climax of the 2021 season. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which served as the battleground for the championship, ended in a whirlwind of debate and disappointment for many, especially for Hamilton and his supporters. However, Hamilton’s recent remarks reveal a perspective marked by sportsmanship and forward-thinking.

In an interview with Autosport, Hamilton commented on the final laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP, stating, “I wouldn’t say I’m surprised, because he’s [Verstappen] a great driver. I think even we spoke back then. Max in that moment, he did what he had to do, it was nothing on him, it was the sport that let us down.” This view exemplifies Hamilton’s ability to look beyond personal rivalry and recognize the broader implications of events in the sport.

Hamilton further stated, “And I think that wasn’t his fault. Me, in his position, I would have done exactly the same thing. So there’s no issues there.” His ability to empathize with Verstappen’s position and acknowledge the situational complexity demonstrates his maturity and experience.

The conversation also turned to the future, particularly Verstappen’s recent contract extension with Red Bull. Hamilton acknowledged Verstappen’s immense value, noting, “I think if you run a team, you want to have the best driver, and you want to be the team that’s got the driver that brings in the eyeballs, brings the sponsorships, and he is one of those.” He also expressed curiosity about the future trajectory of Verstappen’s career in light of recent rumors about his possible exit from the team.

As the Formula 1 circuit moves towards the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, attention is riveted on the performance of various teams, especially Red Bull and their RB20. The race promises to be a dynamic and exciting event, with teams like Ferrari showing potential despite previous challenges. The question remains: can any team challenge the pace of Verstappen and Red Bull on the faster corners of the Jeddah circuit? The anticipation is palpable, and fans worldwide await what could be another thrilling chapter in Formula 1 history.

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