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Liam Lawson’s Sensational Debut Impresses Red Bull’s Helmut Marko at Monza

The Rising Star's Remarkable Performance Hints at a Bright Future in Formula 1 with AlphaTauri

Monza recently bore witness to the spectacular debut of Liam Lawson in Formula 1, where he achieved an impressive 11th place finish. This outstanding performance by the 21-year-old driver during his first full Formula 1 weekend has ignited fervent discussions within the racing community. Of particular note, Red Bull’s chief consultant, Helmut Marko, expressed unbridled enthusiasm for Lawson’s remarkable strides in the world of motorsport.

Originally, AlphaTauri had not earmarked a Formula 1 seat for Liam Lawson in the 2023 season. Instead, Red Bull had chosen Nyck de Vries to partner with Yuki Tsunoda. However, fate intervened when Daniel Ricciardo suffered a wrist injury, necessitating a sudden reshuffle. Liam Lawson’s commendable adaptability was not only demonstrated in his impromptu stellar performance at Zandvoort but also during his recent race at Monza. The ability to swiftly comprehend and exhibit speed is a rare attribute, but Lawson has consistently displayed this trait throughout his racing career, as was evident when he confidently maneuvered past the Haas drivers to gain positions last weekend.

In a recent conversation concerning Liam Lawson’s trajectory in Formula 1, Helmut Marko expressed his optimism. Drawing a parallel to Lawson’s performance, he stated, “Liam impressed us a lot in Monza. He showcased undeniable speed, which bodes well for his future.” Marko’s sentiments, shared during an interview with ServusTV, left no room for doubt: Liam Lawson’s performance in Italy underscored his undeniable talent, offering a promising glimpse of what lies ahead.

“Liam has been with us for a while. He is a tough but very smart man in a fight, a bit like Bruce McLaren. This is certainly someone for the future.” 

Despite some recent critiques, the Red Bull Academy remains highly regarded for its dedication to nurturing and developing young, promising talents. While the institution occasionally faces scrutiny for its swift decisions, Liam Lawson’s current trajectory suggests that it would come as no surprise if he secures a full-time position with AlphaTauri in the upcoming season.

“The speed was there [last weekend in Italy], and that is a good sign.

“However, he is now still driving in the Japanese championship, and there he is second in a very, very difficult battle. The cars are faster there than in Formula 2.

“However, because it is in Japan, it is not viewed that way here.

“Maybe he can win the title there. Will he get a [full-time] seat instead of [staying] a reserve driver? That could happen quickly.”

With both Yuki Tsunoda delivering exceptional results in 2023 and Daniel Ricciardo vying for a potential comeback, the Red Bull leadership, including Helmut Marko and Christian Horner, may find themselves at a pivotal crossroads.

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