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McLaren Faces Challenges in Las Vegas: Norris’s Struggles Reflect Team’s Cooling Issues and Circuit Incompatibility

In a challenging start to the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, McLaren driver Lando Norris expressed his discontent with the circuit’s low downforce nature, which doesn’t favor their MCL60 F1 car. Despite these hurdles, Norris remains hopeful for progress in the coming days, reflecting McLaren’s ongoing struggles with similar tracks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lando Norris’s Difficulties: The McLaren driver finished P11 in FP2, citing the “tricky” Las Vegas street circuit and the MCL60 car’s struggle with grip and tyre wear, especially on low downforce tracks.
  • FP1 and FP2 Complications: The first practice session (FP1) was cut short due to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari hitting a drain hole cover, while FP2 offered extended track time till 4 am, providing essential data for team strategy.
  • McLaren’s Broader Challenges: Team principal Andrea Stella highlighted issues with cooling the car and adapting to the unique track conditions, emphasizing the need for significant performance improvements.

The debut of the Las Vegas Grand Prix brought forth a mix of anticipation and apprehension for the McLaren team, particularly for Lando Norris. The new street circuit’s low downforce nature posed a significant challenge to the McLaren MCL60 car, a scenario the team had encountered in other similar circuits. Norris, finishing eleventh in the second practice session (FP2), voiced his concerns about the circuit’s complexity and its impact on the car’s performance.

Norris’s remarks were candid and reflective of the day’s difficulties. “Today was a tricky day on a tricky circuit. The grip was poor and it’s easy to go through the tyres quite quickly, which is what we were doing,” he said. His analysis underscored a stark contrast to McLaren’s recent performances, yet he remained hopeful, “It’s a struggle at the minute but I’m sure we can make progress into tomorrow.”

The day’s events were further complicated by a shortened FP1 session due to a safety concern caused by Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari hitting a drain hole cover at high speeds. This incident led to an extended 90-minute FP2 session, which, while challenging, provided McLaren with valuable data.

Andrea Stella, McLaren’s Team Principal, shed light on additional issues faced by the team, including cooling problems and the unique demands of the Las Vegas track. “We had some issues with cooling the car… Conditions here are unique, with a unique temperature and unique tarmac characteristics,” Stella explained. Despite these challenges, Stella remained optimistic about the team’s potential for improvement, “We have work to do to extract more performance – but we gathered a lot of data… There is performance we can unlock.”

As the team prepares for the rest of the race weekend, the focus is on adapting to the distinct Las Vegas circuit. With the data collected and insights gained from the initial sessions, McLaren aims to overcome these early obstacles and improve their competitiveness in this high-stakes Grand Prix.

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